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In Defense of Scalpers

This week I’m not going to talk about the rules of 9th edition. There’s plenty of great content out there already, and I’m sure many of you have had your fix of 9th edition news and rumors. (more…)

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Top rule changes in Warhammer 40k 9th edition – tips from Playtesters

Our friends from Tabletop Titans bring you more 9th ed goodness! (more…)

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Your 40k Horoscope: A Whole New World!

Hello, Starchildren! Your 40k Horoscope is back and ready to predict the future! We’re also here to talk about your feelings. (more…)

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GW Pre-order: Indomitus!

Move quick, they’re selling fast! (more…)

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GW Grognard: Can you spare $8?

Hey everyone! Adam, from TFG Radio, here to once again wax poetic about a time long ago, and past attempts by Games Workshop to make an army builder. Read more

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Two Exciting Fan Made 40k Short Films on the Way: The Exodite and Primaris: Black Templars

These fan made trailers look incredible! (more…)

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How to play Tau in 9th edition – Tips from 40k Playtesters

Here’s our friends at Tabletop Titans giving us another great video on how T’au play in 9th ed 40k! (more…)

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Faction Focus: Chaos Daemons

The Warhammer-community team brings us a faction focus for Daemons in 9th ed 40k. (more…)

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Fort Building – Warhammer 40,000 Style!

The Warhammer-community team brings us info on how fortifications work in 9th ed 40k. (more…)

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mini images 692

Signals from the Frontline #692: 9th ed 40k Coming into Focus!

Join Frankie and Reece for a chat about the latest and greatest on 9th ed 40k as well as GW hobby news and updates! (more…)

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