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Nurgle marines

Friday Night Fight: Ork Bikers vs. Deathguard

Reecius Ork Biker army, Da’ Sons of AnOrky take on Frankie’s Deathguard in this game! Join us tonight at 5pm PST for the action. (more…)

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40k narrative

More Space Added to the LVO 2018 Warhammer 40k Narrative!

Due to popular demand, we made more space for the 40k Narrative event! However, this is it, we cannot expand further. Grab tickets now to avoid missing out. (more…)

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Signals from the Frontline

Signals from the Frontline #550: LVO Reg Going HOT!

Join us for the live show on our Twitch channel by following this link! The show starts at 11am, PST. (more…)

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blood angels logo

40k 8th Edition Blood Angels First Impressions

As everyone gets their head around 8th Edition, Blood Angel Players have seen their new army and I for one, Like it a lot! Let’s dive in and see what the Blood Angels can do! Check the Tactics Corner for more great articles! (more…)

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Thursday Night Fight: Space Wolves vs. Tyranids

Reecius vs. Frankie, Wolves on Nids! Join us tonight at 5pm PST to join the fun. (more…)

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LVO 2018 Registration is now OPEN!

The Las Vegas Open 2018 registration is now live, ladies and gents! (more…)

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The LVO 2018 Registration Opens Tomorrow!

LVO 2018 Registration Opens tomorrow at 9am PST. LET’S GET READY TO RUUUUUUUUMBLE! (more…)

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Tuesday Night Fight: Orks vs. Ynnari

It’s Orks vs. Ynnari tonight in this showdown! Join us at 5pm PST tonight for the fun on our Twitch Channel. (more…)

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GW Reveals Raven Guard and White Scars Chapter Tactics!

Wow, these look great! (more…)

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Warhammer 40k Video Battle Report: Drukhari vs Scions

Scions vs. Drukhari! (more…)

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