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Narrative Event Report – Campaign Finale

Hi all,Recently I had the opportunity to head down to West Virginia to attend the event I mentioned in a previous article. I was intrigued to see how they would run an event that included army progression through the event. This was the campaign finale, so they did allow new comers some catch up points […]

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New Citadel Paint and MCP Pre-Orders Are Live!

This week, we have two new Marvel Crisis Protocol boxes available for pre-order.  Additionally, we have 25 new Citadel Contrast Paints, 7 new Citadel Shades and 1 new Citadel Spray available for pre-order. Please be sure to check our Pre-Order section to see the entire selection!    Frontline Gaming’s next event, the Lone Star Open, is only about five weeks out and we have some exciting news!  First, […]

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UK is all upon that Nephilim 40k | The Thursday Show

Thursday Show is bringing you the snapshot of this new Meta, with 3 smaller GT’s in the UK adopting all the changes. (more…)

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Chaos Takes Over FLGN and the Meta | Signals from the Frontline

World Eater Dickie hops in the host chair this week to take Seth threw all the new Chaos tricks (more…)

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SHS Restock! Pro Painted Marvel Crisis Protocol Models

Today, we have added over 70 professionally painted Marvel Crisis Protocol models to our Secondhand Shop!  Please be sure to check both the Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000 sections as well.  Below are some of the models we have posted throughout the week: Please remember that you will always get the best price for our secondhand products directly on our site–the prices are slightly […]

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JP’s Hobby Hangout: Muzzle Burns

As a Salamanders player, I am well versed in painting melta and flamer weaponry. I’ve always thought the discoloration that intense heat causes to metal is super cool and adds visual interest to my models. I’ve tried many iterations of muzzle burn, and I finally settled on the quick receipt that I’d like to share […]

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Emperor’s Children Makes It To 2nd Place

We’ve got another weekend of Tournaments under our belt with a bunch of GT’s and today we’re looking at Vanquish, Conviction of Power and People’s Palace Under Siege. You can check out more of the lists on Best Coast Pairings here: Bristol Vanguard Presents Vanquish Conviction of Power People’s Palace Under Siege You can get […]

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Talking Warhammer Nostalgia with the 40K Grognard | The Chief Librarian

Welcome to another episode of The Chief Librarian! This is a lore and narrative gaming-focused podcast around miniature gaming, painting, reading, and all the fun things a hobby should be.  (more…)

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Duncan Rhodes Academy Hobby Classes at LVO | Signals from the Frontline


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LVO Hobby Classes On Sale NOW! FLG Shop Restock

Tickets are now on sale for LVO 2023 HOBBY CLASSES!! We have an exciting announcment to make regarding the classes, please click the image below to see our video announcement! Get your tickets for LVO 2023 Hobby Classes HERE! This week, we have posted over 100 items to our Secondhand Shop!  Please be sure to check both the Age […]

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