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This Week in the ITC: Familiar Names and Terrain Debates

Hello, competitive 40k followers! Salty John from TFG Radio here to discuss a bit of the coming and goings of the ITC this past week. So far in the 2021 Season, the ITC has been a true wild west, with many names cycling in and out of the top 10, a lot of regions having […]

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Dissecting the LVO Format

Hello friends, Nick Nanavati here to show you exactly how to break down a tournament format and put yourself in the best position to win before the tournament even starts. (more…)

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Five Clutch DYI (mostly) Wilderness Terrain Pieces

With all the fantastic GW terrain coming out these days, more and more 40k boards are skewing towards Cities of Death style boards. But the good old wilderness board can pack just as much variety and for much cheaper when you make (most of it) yourself. (more…)

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Cheap and Easy: DIY Terrain

Hey guys Cavalier here, commission painter for Frontline Gaming and co-host of Splintermind the Dark Eldar Podcast back again, this time with a terrain tutorial. Good terrain has never been more important and in this article I’ll take you through my approach to making it. (more…)

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Daily Awesome Conversion

A fantastic terrain piece, an amazing wreck of the Imperial Cutter Dauntless, by Davie Mitchell. Hows that for line of site blocking terrain!!

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Large Sci-Fi Storage Tank

Sci-Fi Storage Tanks Terrain

These storage tanks are made using a soda can and a custom terrain kit from Keebler Studios to create easy, great looking pieces to fill your battlefields! Click here to purchase some.

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Large Sci-Fi Crates

Large Sci-Fi Crates Terrain

These Sci-Fi crates make great wargames terrain. They are cast from resin and are easy to assemble and paint. Click hereto purchase some of your own.

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