Frontline Gaming’s Second Hand Shop

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Enter the Second Hand Shop to Get Some Great Deals!

We buy your used models for cash or store credit!

Email us for a Quote:   SecondHandShop@FrontlineGaming.Org

(Please allow for up to 2 business days to receive a quote)

  • Email us at the above address to get a quote on those models that are gathering dust on your shelves!
  • Frontline Gaming will take them off your hands and find them a new home through our second hand shop.
  • No fuss, just one easy transaction and your old models are now cash.
  • We also offer store credit for your models at a higher rate than what we offer in cash. Turn your old models into new models!

Be sure to include a full list of items and their current condition. Include if they are assembled or on sprue, primed, painted. Also be sure to include any problems with the models, painting condition or any special conversions that will effect the price of your models. Lastly, include some pictures! This will speed up the process and get you the most for your models. If you do not know what pictures you need to take we are more than happy to direct you.



  1. Do you buy painted models?
    • A. Yes
  2. Do you buy unassembled models?
    • A. Yes
  3. Do you buy bits, and other hobby supplies?
    • A. No, any other items we will quote on a case by case basis.
  4. How does the process work?
    1. Contact the Quote Master – Be sure to include.
      1. An itemized list of your models
      2. With each item, include the composition (metal, plastic, or resin) and Paint (primed, painted, pro painted.)
      3. Each item labeled as Assembled/Unassembled
      4. Pictures showing the quality of the items.
      5. Your full name at the end.
    2. He sends you a quote based on your models’ current market value.
    3. If you decide to use the services you ship them to the Quote Master.
    4. Once they arrive, he checks them for accuracy and tells the powers that be to pay you which can be in the form of:
      1. Personal Check
      2. Paypal (can’t be a gift)
      3. Store credit (at as much as 50% more than we offer in cash!)
    5. Profits!
  5. Why should I go with you?
    • A. It’s easy! You don’t have to wait to get paid nor have to deal with the hassle of breaking it into smaller lots. Plus, you can get store credit and use it to pick up new models at Frontline Gaming’s discounted prices for new product. Sweet!