Rumor stew!

6th Ed 40K Rumors

So, we heard a doozy of a rumor today that I wanted to share with the community. (more…)

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Finished Orange Visor

40K Army Blog: All-Marines (Help Will decide how to finish his Marines)

My All-Marines Article This is going to be a on going article on my “All Marine” army. For those of you that don’t know what I mean by this, it’s a marine army that I can use for any codex I choose. A lot of people hate on these kind of builds, but I must […]

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Rumor stew!

40K 6th ed Rules Leak now Rumored to be False?

So the rumor mill is saying GW officially deny that the leaked PDF was GW material. We’ll see what the truth is when 6th ed comes out, but I have my doubts. This is just too solid and big of a project to be a fake, IMO. Of course it is possible that it is, […]

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Signals from the Frontline

Signals from the Frontline: 40K Leaked 6th Ed Rules Rundown

So, here’s our reaction and review of the leaked 6th ed PDF. This is a long podcast, much longer than normal, but that is because we wanted to go over the rules in depth and really dig into it. We forgot to cover a few things such as rail rules, preferred enemy, etc. which can […]

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Video Battle Report

Samurai Showdown (Jy2 Vs. White925)

The mighty Jy2 came down to Frontline Gaming and accepted the challenge issued by White925. The game was very close and played by two extremely good players make sure to check it out. The Necron list was just on Bell of Lost Souls and the Deathguard list is a tournament winning list.

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Tournaments Rule!

The Tournament Season has begun!

A new year means a new tournament season, and we’re off like a shot! Let’s take a look at some of the results we’ve got coming in so far. (more…)

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Rumor stew!

40K 6th ed Rules Leaked? (Rules up, Working on Podcast summary now)

Podcast overview here. This is flying around the net, and might be legit. Check it out and see for yourself! Password: pancake So far, I love what I see. These are all changes I have wanted to see for years, and for the most part, make the game better on my […]

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Signals from the Frontline

Signals from the Frontline: Tyranid 2nd Wave Rumors, Maelstrom Models, Vampire Count Models, and the Game of a Century Jy2 Vs. White925

We discuss Tyranid 2nd wave rumors and possible white dwarf model. Maelstrom release of some new fantasy models that look great along with the awesome looking Vampire Count models. We also talk about the game between White925 and Jy2 that is happening on Tuesday. Signals from the Frontline Episode 21 [ 16:01 ] Play Now […]

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Da Orks is next!

Imperial Armor Apocalypse Second Edition: Orks Reviewed

We continue our IA Apoc 2nd ed reviews with da Orks by request from Grimgob. (more…)

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Doom Scythe Conversion

40K Modeling: Necron Doom Scythe Conversion

Another great conversion out of Austrailia, picture thanks to Rantimus. It looks like it was built using a Command Barge and plastic card. Nice work to whomever built it.

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