No blog today, sorry.

I’m sick as hell, caught a nasty bug. I’ll get caught up tomorrow.

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Has Anyone Found a Use for the Rhino?

Is it just me or is Old Trusty on the table top going to become Old Dusty on the shelf this edition? (more…)

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Antium V Narrative Campaign: The Stage is Set!

The forces of the Imperium and Chaos are poised to clash over the fate of Antium V! Check out this fluff piece by Raw Dogger, setting up the first conflict to be played out on Sunday. (more…)

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DoW 3

Dawn of War 3 News

This comes to us via one of our readers. Thanks for the news! (more…)

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Hot Deals! Get yer hot deals!

For Sale: Space Wolf Army (Sold)

Hey everyone, we’ve got a good one for you! (more…)

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BAO 40K Narrative Campaign Question for the Community

Hey everyone, we’re gearing up for the BAO 2013, and will have all the pertinent information up by the end of the month. Big Jim, the gentleman who runs the 40K narrative event, has a question about the structure of the event. (more…)

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meat shield

Cannon Fodder and 40K

As Falstaff in my Favorite Shakespearean plays (King Henry IV, 1 and 2) states: “good enough to toss; food for powder, food for powder; they’ll fill a pit as well as better [men]…” (more…)

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Fantasy Fridays!

Title: Fantasy Fridays!Location: Frontline GamingDescription: Come and join us for our first Warhammer Fantasy night at Frontline Gaming! This first meeting will be a time to get in some games, meet the other Fantasy enthusiasts in the area and make some new friends. Start Time: 17:00Date: 2012-11-23End Time: 22:00

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Video Battle Report

Video Battle Report: Logan and Friends vs. The Dirty Dozen!

In this friendly game, Reecius busts out his themed IG army (The DIrty Dozen!) vs. Raw Dogger’s Space Wolves (Logan and Friends) in a very fun game. (more…)

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Video Battle Report

40K Video Battle Report: Tyranids Vs. Daemons 1750pts BAO Test Game

In this BAO test game, Smilin Dan busts out his Tzeentch Daemons (with blood Thirster!) against the Nids! This game shows some really solid tactics for fighting Daemons of the Tzeentch variety. (more…)

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