High Marshal Helbrecht Levels Up

Check out the new sculpt for High Marshal Helbrecht. What do you think? Also, how about the super-sized diorama style base?

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Playing Ravenwing in 9th Edition: Stratagem Tactics

Hi everyone, Michael here to take you through some key tactics for using your Ravenwing stratagems in 9th edition. For more reviews and tactics, check out the Tactics Corner. (more…)

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New Tech for the T’au

A few days ago, Games Workshop announced the latest addition to Kill Team, and T’au players finally have something to be cheerful about. (more…)

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Check Out the New Black Templars & Necromunda!

Wow these are looking awesome, straight form the big reveal at GenCon. (more…)

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Grab the New Orruk Warclans Pre-orders!

These awesome new kits are available from Frontline Gaming at discounted prices. (more…)

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GW Grognard: Tips for LVTT

Hey everyone! Adam, from TFG Radio, here to help you get ready for the big event happening in Las Vegas next week! (more…)

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LVTT List Submission Deadline Moved to Monday the 20th

As the format is new to many and quite a few times are still missing lists, we decided to push the list submission deadline for the LVTT to Monday the 20th of September. (more…)

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NEW FAQS for Grey Knights and Thousand Sons

Take a look at these updated FAQs for the Grey Knights and Thousand Sons! (more…)

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Thousand Sons Codex – Narrative Review

Hello All,As I have done previously, let’s take a dive into the new Thousands Sons book with a specific eye towards the new Crusade rules. The Ork codex was quite well crafted, though some of the mechanics felt incomplete, let’s see how this book compares. Army RulesWhere the Orks had the interesting and complex contest […]

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Big Dreadknight Energy | Grim After Dark

Mitch Pelham becomes the latest in a long line of players to make their way into our CRT monitors. The long time player, judge and cohost of the Best In Faction Podcast is dropping by to talk about the thankless job of the tournament organizer, what he’s learned over the years and how you too […]

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