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Managing Expectations

Tell me you are a WHFB player without actually telling me you are a WHFB player: One Warhammer Community post every 5-6 months makes me absolutely giddy. I’ve always had a strange relationship to WHFB. I learned to play 7th edition in college with a buddy and I would squeeze in a couple games a […]

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40k Stoat’s Center Talks Player Health

Hello All, As I am sure you know playing repeated games of 40k over a weekend or at a tournament can have deleterious effects on one’s health. In order to counteract such impacts I invited a special guest: Dr. Mink M.D. L.B.C.P. for his expert opinion on whether it is better to stand or sit […]

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Forge World’s Identity Crisis

One of the interesting things about being in the 40K world for many years is that you get to see how companies evolve over time. You can witness the professionalization of Games Workshop and the ways they have sought to interact (if at all) with their customers. In my opinion one of the more interesting […]

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Warhammer World – a Review

With things easing in the United Kingdom, my family was able to travel over for my younger brother’s wedding. (more…)

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Necrons Should be a Little Sad, but not THAT Sad

After a decent showing with my Necrons at an Incursion tournament I have decided to stick with the shiny metal zombies throughout this ITC season. Before the Adeptus Mechanicus Codex was released I was fairly certain Admech would be my army going forward. I even took them to a Major in my area pre-Codex release […]

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FLG Paint Studio: Drukhari

These amazing Drukhari were painted by the FLG Paint Studio! (more…)

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Nothing to See Here, Nerf the Succubus not Us

The Marshal is the newest addition to the forces of the Adeptus Mechanicus, and he is the total package when it comes to value on the tabletop. Coming it at just 45 points the Marshal is the cheapest Admech character (and probably the best character in the Codex), is able to take some of the […]

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My hopes for Age of Sigmar 3.0

As I begin this article, I should note that I am a very casual AoS Player. I have played off and on for the past several years but a mixture of bad experiences and lack of local players stymied any chance for a deep knowledge of the game. Recently a local club has started up […]

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The Balance Issue No One is Discussing

Apologies for the clickbait title, sometimes I can’t resist. I’ll drop the dance of seven veils and get right too it: we are talking about the Crusade System here. I am a few weeks into running my first club-level crusade campaign, and overall it is going well. We have a number of active players and […]

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LVTT 2021 Sold Out!

This event sold out in just a few days! To be added to the wait list please fill out the attached form. Loading…

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