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LVTT 2021 Sold Out!

This event sold out in just a few days! To be added to the wait list please fill out the attached form. Loading…

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In-person Warhammer Events Are Coming Back With a Bang

This announcement comes via the Warhammer-community page and we are excited to see more events on the way! (more…)

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GW Grognard: The Joys of a Team Tournament

Hey everyone! Adam, from TFG Radio, here to help you realize why team events are so much fun! (more…)

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40k Stoat’s Center: Dark Eldar Codex Review

*This article is satire* As I have seen many other reputable site release their reviews of the new Dark Eldar book I figured I would continue to establish myself as the “out-of the box”, “independently minded”, “don’t follow the heard” writer by doing one as well. (That and Reece has been bugging us for more […]

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The Problematic Path to Redemption

“All men make mistakes, but a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong, and repairs the evil. The only crime is pride.” ― Sophocles, Antigone So it finally happened. Whether because of your own sloppiness, ignorance, tiredness, or malice someone has caught you cheating. There is no denying it, they have presented […]

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You Wanna Talk About Practice?!

While usually my articles bring you solid(ish) advice on playing Genestealer Cults in 40k this week we will look at a more general topic that all players can benefit from even if they aren’t playing a faction with a 40% win rate! 40k is a hobby with many different layers it’s players can enjoy. From […]

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GW Grognard: Back in the Game!

Hey everyone! Adam, from TFG Radio, here to talk about exciting things happening in my 40K life. Well, at least exciting to me. (more…)

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4 Issues Facing Competitive 40k

As we start thinking about adjusting to a new normal (for the second time in as many years) the competitive scene is creeping back to life. I thought I would list some of the major themes I think will be affecting the competitive scene and that I will be watching over the coming year. These […]

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New Angels of Death Trailer!

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

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Nerdery: Top Notch 40k Fan Art

Ilya ArhPriest is an artist from Shimkent, Kazakhstan. (more…)

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