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Chapter Tactics #30 What We Will Miss About 7th Edition

Chapter Tactics is a 40k podcast which focuses on promoting better tactical play and situational awareness across all variations of the game. Today’s episode PeteyPab and James talk about some of the things they are going to miss about 7th, and offer up some faction predictions about Newhammer.  (more…)

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Free Peoples go 3-1-1 at the Broadside Bash

The Free Peoples ride again! This time at the Broadside Bash GT in San Diego, CA. (more…)

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CanHammer Team Tournament – 2017 – Darby’s Games

Took a moment to chat about how my experience was going to the tournament, We didn’t place but we sure had a great time. Massive thank you to Jon and everyone that made the team tournament happen. Thank you!         Join me on: Facebook: YouTube:

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Chapter Tactics #26: Dealing With Sisters of Silence and Making the Top 8

Today PeteyPab and his guest Dan Platt talk about what it takes to make the Top 8 at a mega event like Adepticon or the Las Vegas Open, as well as how players who use psychic powers  (more…)

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AoS Tournament Report: At Ease Carnage

Hey everyone, Reecius here with another Age of Sigmar tournament battle report! This time the Free Peoples went off to the At Ease Carnage event. (more…)

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40k Tournament Report: Powerfists & Psykers 7

Darren’s report from a 1500 point Warhammer 40k tournament last weekend run by us in Ottawa, ON. P and P 7! Check it out. Next P and P is likely in June sometime, so watch the website ( for details!

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Adepticon AoS Tournament Report: Free Peoples go 4-1

Here’s my Tournament report with my Free Peoples from the Adepticon 2017 Age of Sigmar Championships. (more…)

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Australian Warhammer 40K ITC 2016 Championships Report

Scott Devall has the report for the largest Australian ITC event complete with army and LoW breakdowns as well as a rules showcase of how they handle slow paying in Australian 40k. (Hint: It may involve giant spiders with mana bars). (more…)

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North Bay Ontario – Back to Basics Tournament

Had such a great time at North Bay Games and Hobbies this weekend. Next time it’s Dark Eldar or Harlequins! North Bay Games and Hobbies: Join me on: Facebook: YouTube:

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Corsairs a-Raiding Part III

Ibushi back again from the webway with the final game in the Corsair Raiding Party at Foodhammer series, this time playing a beautiful Tau army replete with Shadowsun star, Y’vahra, Stormsurge, and the surprisingly deadly Barracuda interceptor. Can the pointy ears overcome the flood of fish men in suits?  (more…)

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