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Applying Goal Orientation Theory to Warhammer

One thing that graduate students often share with five year olds is a burning desire to share what they are learning with others. As a member of the former category, I have recently found an interesting idea that I think applies to Warhammer or other competitive games. Now I am not an expert on Goal […]

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Chapter Tactics #200: How to Turn the Hobby You Love into a Career

Today Peteypab brings on Reece from Frontline Gaming, Dave from Miniwargaming, and Skari from Skaredcast to talk about what it takes to turn Warhammer into a professional career. They also talk about entry level jobs and other ways you can make Warhammer your profession. (more…)

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40K Philosophy Year in Review

I want to start this recap properly with a big “Thank you!” to everyone who read, discussed, and shared these articles.

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40K Philosophy: Reconciliation

While understanding that Warhammer is designed to defy or spite the idea of sound living principles, resolution, and progress (unless that progress is also subverted for the sake of some larger moral compromise), Warhammer fiction is at its best when it challenges its fundamental premises.

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Primarch Philosophy: Horus

This is the truth of Horus Lupercal – that it didn’t matter how much he was given, born with, or celebrated, he was only really interested in himself and his own desires.

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Art and Philosophy

“Art is subjective.” Yeah, we’ve all heard that one. This cliche saying basically means that not all art means the same thing to everyone. While that can certainly be true, I tend to look at art interpretation much like I look at literary interpretation – not all interpretations are equal or are equally supported by […]

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Mental Health and the 40K Hobby: Special Interview Part 2

No article today, dear readers, but instead I have an extra-long video for you! The much anticipated second part of the mental health discussion is here! Dr. Nahumck took close to 2 hours out of his day (and part of the Dodgers’ game!) to speak to me and answer some questions.

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Loken and the Depths of Suffering

Now that the hammer of betrayal has fallen at Istvaan III, we will look a little bit more at Loken on a personal level, because it is at this point that he begins acting more as an individual and less like a machine in a legion-level cog.

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Practical Philosophy: Does Cheating Make You a Bad Person?

This is the system we have created to protect the ethical integrity of competitive play in the ITC and to not apply it when a player has violated the rules discredits the entire system.

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Loken’s Loss of Innocence

What do we mean by innocence when talking about Garviel Loken? It is hard to imagine a decades-old galaxy-wide bio-engineered super-soldier having innocence. Of course, innocence isn’t here as a “guilty vs. innocent” comparison but is instead the lack of knowledge or ignorance that he and many other Astartes operated under.

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