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ITC 2020 40k Missions in their Final Form!

So here we are! Barring any grammar or clarity issues, or any egregious balance issues, the missions are now done. (more…)

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Space Marines Rules Update – February 2020

Balance has been restored to the force! (more…)

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Signals from the Frontline #673: ITC 40k Missions Finalizing and a new FLG Mat!

Reecius discusses the final version of the ITC 40k missions for the 2020 season and take a gander at the latest and greatest FLG Mat: Volcanic Snow! (more…)

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New FLG Mat: Volcanic Snow!

We’ve got a brand new FLG Mat for you: Volcanic Snow! (more…)

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By the Emperor! – Issue #14

40K Article Writer Apologizes to Fanbase of Five for Delays in Content (more…)

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Nerdery: Castlevania Season 3 Trailer

The Castlevania series has been surprisingly good so far, can’t wait for season 3! (more…)

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40K Stats Centre: A Dark Angel Rises

40K Stats Centre: A Dark Angel Rises. (more…)

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At the Speed of Light

GW brings us more previews and the stunning new Lumineth line for AoS! (more…)

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Revealed at the New York Toy Fair!

As long-time lovers of New York, Toys and Fairs of all kinds, we thought we’d pop along to the New York Toy Fair, a major event for toy sellers across the world. (more…)

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Warhammer 40,000: Dakka Squadron Trailer

This looks like it will be a blast, lol! (more…)

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