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Wide World of Wargaming Age of Sigmar: Episode 61 – +1 Save in Isolation

On this week’s program: In another zoom call episode we discuss the latest Seraphon Faq, the Adepticon preview pt. 1. check out the video on our YouTube Channel WideWorldGaming Jeremy also obsessed over what to do with Alex’s hair.  As always you can check out all of our most recent and past episodes here and […]

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The Pedagogy of the Hobby

Hey all, Danny from TFG Radio here, and today, well, I am going to shift gears into the other major part of my life, education. If you are like me and the other 40 million people under lock down here in Cali thanks to COVID-19, there isn’t a whole lot of game time at the […]

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Nerdery: Castlevania Season 3 Trailer

The Castlevania series has been surprisingly good so far, can’t wait for season 3! (more…)

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Nerdery: Final Fantasy 7 Remake Opening Movie

This looks amazing! (more…)

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Nerdery: The Clone Wars: Squad 99 Trailer

The upcoming Clone Wars looks to be absolutely fantastic. (more…)

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Nerdery: The Green Knight Trailer

Color me intrigued…. (more…)

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Nerdery: Altered Carbon Season 2 Trailer

Awwwwww, yeah! Altered Carbon Season 2 is looking fresh! (more…)

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Nerdery: Bloodshot Trailer

The Bloodshot comics are coming to the big screen care of Vin Diesel! (more…)

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Nerdery: Morbius Trailer

Looks pretty good! (more…)

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Nerdery: Doom Annihilation Coming to Netflix!

So bad it’s good! (more…)

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