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girl guilliman 2

Completed Commission: Bobby G!

This model puts an entirely new meaning to the nickname: Roboute “Girlyman!” (more…)

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Quick and Stylish: Paint it Black

Hey guys Cavalier here, commission painter for Frontline Gaming and co-host of the Splintermind Podcast back again this time with a painting tutorial. (more…)

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Inspired Tabletops Made Easy: Eldritch Ruins Review

Hey guys Cavalier here, commission painter for Frontline Gaming and co-host of the Splintermind Podcast. Today I’ll be discussing the Eldritch Ruins set of terrain by Games Workshop and how it instantly transformed my narrative campaign from generic to inspired. (more…)

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Leage ork_7

FLG League Best Appearance Winner: Andy T’s Orks!

The first FLG League’s hobby track was won by Andy and his amazing Ork army! (more…)

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The Primaris Marine Project

Hey everyone, Reecius here to talk about a topic that many folks expressed quite a bit of interest in: Primaris Marines. And as always, check out the Tactics Corner for more great reviews and articles. (more…)

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A Stunning Harlequin Commission From the FLG Paint Studio

This beautiful army was painstakingly painted by the FLG Paint Studio! Check it out. (more…)

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Tau Com8

FLG Paint Studio Update.

These sneaky T’au Battlesuits are seriously awesome! (more…)

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More Terrain for the SoCal Open!

This is going to be a beautiful event! Make sure to grab your tickets, soon! Thanks to The Officio Unscrupervisorum for the hard work! (more…)

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Storm lords 11

FLG Paint Studio Update Video!

Check out these latest commissions shown by the artists! (more…)

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Storm lords 4

FLG Paint Studio completed commission: Storm Lords

Check out the latest commission from the talented FLG Paint Studio! (more…)

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