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Tau Com8

FLG Paint Studio Update.

These sneaky T’au Battlesuits are seriously awesome! (more…)

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More Terrain for the SoCal Open!

This is going to be a beautiful event! Make sure to grab your tickets, soon! Thanks to The Officio Unscrupervisorum for the hard work! (more…)

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Storm lords 11

FLG Paint Studio Update Video!

Check out these latest commissions shown by the artists! (more…)

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Storm lords 4

FLG Paint Studio completed commission: Storm Lords

Check out the latest commission from the talented FLG Paint Studio! (more…)

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hobby tools

Tactical Terrain: Secret of the Flock

Another Tactical Terrain video for your enjoyment!

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signals from the Frontline

Signals From the Frontline Episode #491

Intro Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube!  Join our Forums, too! If you would like to be a guest on the show, email Reece at We sell tabletop games and supplies at 20% off! Hit us up for your next gaming order at or visit our webstore at You think […]

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Gallery at the LVO! Now taking submissions!

Hello all you artists out there! The submission for of the first ever LVO Gallery is opening TODAY until Nov 30th! Take a look at this mock Submission form below and consider submitting your art to be displayed at the LVO 2017! (more…)

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Tactical Terrain: Dark Angels Tribute

Dark Angels special terrain episode!

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meat grinder

Evan’s Modeling Corner: Tools You Didn’t Know You Need, Part 1

Hello everyone! Let me introduce myself. I am Evan. I will be writing some general hobby articles from time to time. For my first article I wanted to touch on a tool you may not have in your arsenal that can be quite useful: a Meat Grinder. (more…)

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BAO Photo Gallery!

Hello everyone! I’m going to take a break from Ultramarine characters to share with you some of my favorite BAO 2016 pictures, complete with commentary! (more…)

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