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Signals from the Frontline

Signals from the Frontline: Tyranid 2nd Wave Rumors, Maelstrom Models, Vampire Count Models, and the Game of a Century Jy2 Vs. White925

We discuss Tyranid 2nd wave rumors and possible white dwarf model. Maelstrom release of some new fantasy models that look great along with the awesome looking Vampire Count models. We also talk about the game between White925 and Jy2 that is happening on Tuesday.

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Welcome to the Thunderome: Two men enter, one man leaves!

40K Space Wolf Tactics and Army Blog: Welcome To The Thunderdome!

This is an article written by Frankie about his tournament winning Space Wolf list. It will also cover his progress creating the army (this is the second iteration of the mighty force!). Unless you’ve been living in a cave with Osama for the past few years, I’m sure you’ve heard of the mighty Thunderwolf Cavalry […]

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Ork art

Hobby Blog: Green’s Ork Kan Wall

Team Zero Comp member, Jason Green has started a new Ork army, and so far it looks pretty awesome. We will have a running blog of Green’s progress as he builds up the force, uses our base coating service, and then his final steps into finishing the army. He custom made the bases using bits from cities […]

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necron art

We’ll Be Back! Reviving an Old Necron Army: Part 3

Here’s an update! We decided to go with a really restricted pallet, only three base colors (and associated Highlights): Boltgun, Enchanted Blue and Astronomicon Grey. This limited pallet really ties the army together and makes it pop in a big way on the table top. In the pictures you can’t tell due to the angle, […]

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necron art

We’ll Be Back! Reviving an Old Necron Army Part 2

So far we’ve assembled some of the new Necron vehicles, and we have to say, they are awesome! A serious pain in the butt to assemble, but man do they look cool. The Ghost Arc is huge, at least twice the size of a Rhino. The Barge is super cool looking too, it looks very Star-gate style […]

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necron art

We’ll Be Back! Reviving an Old Necron Army Part 1

We recently acquired an old Necron army here at Frontline Gaming, and decided to see if we could make our Reanimation Protocols check and bring this dusty old force back to life! We’re going to add some new units to it to give it some pizzazz while using the original core of warriors and destroyers. […]

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