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A Tale of A Painter – Bacchus Born – Tips and Tricks for Tournament Painting

As anyone who has finished an army knows, the feeling is quite exhilarating. Having that force in front of you, ready to go, table top painted or more, is a source of pride for most of us. I am certainly included in this. I love having a painted army to play with and playing against […]

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Amazing Hobby Tutorial: Making the Grymkin LVO Hordes Table

Tyson K. of the Figure Painters blog and head Warmachine judge and organizer at the LVO put together this extremely detailed tutorial on how he made his incredible Grymkin table for the LVO. For those of you who have not seen Tyson’s work, it is incredible! Check it out to learn how it was done. […]

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Recently Completed Malifaux Commission from the FLG Paint Studio!

This is a beautiful Malifaux commission our team recently completed. Check it out and consider us for your next commission! (more…)

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Loopy’s ITC Orc Terrain Project Part 1/3

Loopy’s back with another video post about his adventures with the ITC terrain series. This time, he’s putting together a couple of tables’ worth of the ITC Orc Terrain. This first video discusses building the terrain. Future videos will talk about modifying and supplementing terrain, then painting it. (more…)

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More Awesome Commissions from the FLG Paint Studio!

These beautiful miniatures were painted by the FLG Paint Studio! Consider us for your next commission! (more…)

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Red Full Terrain RC

Tactical Terrain: Ruins in Newhammer

Tactical Terrain Video: Ruins in Newhammer

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Lumpy the Nurgle Daemon Prince

Check out this AWESOME conversion!   It lives! Lumpy the Nurgle Daemon Prince is painted! Original post here: Hey everyone, Cranky Old Gamer here and I excited to finally say that a project that has long been on my “to be completed” shelf is finally done. A long while back I started a little […]

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SoCal Open Terrain Factory in Effect!

SoCal Open terrain factory in progress! Big thanks to Andy and his crew for the hard work and beautiful terrain so far! Make sure to grab your tickets for the SoCal Open!

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chaos base

Tutorial: Easy Chaos Bases!

The FLG Paint Studio has been hard at work on a commission and the bases they made were so cool we asked them to bust out a tutorial on how to make them. (more…)

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hobby tools

Tactical Terrain: Secret of the Flock

Another Tactical Terrain video for your enjoyment!

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