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FLG Paint Studio: Blood Angels Ancient

The FLG Paint Studio making waves with this lovely Blood Angels Ancient! (more…)

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40K Philosophy Year in Review

I want to start this recap properly with a big “Thank you!” to everyone who read, discussed, and shared these articles.

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Bleeder’s Digest: New Tactics for a New Edition

This is less of a review than it is a commentary on how this book forces BA players to embrace a different strategy and mentality than the previous book, and I plan on touching on some of the things to aim for and some of the pitfalls to avoid with this book.

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tabletop titans

Are Blood Angels The Strongest Faction in 40k?

Our friends over at Tabletop Titans bring us a deep dive into the new Blood Angels Space Marine Supplement! (more…)

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Podcast: Art of War Down Under: Blood Angels Codex Review

The AoW down under gang interview Paul Murphy in a deep dive on the Blood Angels Codex Supplement! (more…)

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Signals from the Frontline #713: The State of the 2021 Las Vegas Open, BA Breakdown, and More!

Join Frankie and Reece for a discussion about the new Blood Angels Codex Supplement and Warhammer community news! (more…)

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Bleeder’s Digest: Initial BA Codex Impressions

Hello, 40K fans! I’m back for another look at the Blood Angels in 9th edition. This is a very rudimentary initial review of the content that’s been previewed and released since pre-orders went live yesterday

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The Flaw Made Manifest – the Death Company on the Battlefield

The Warhammer-community team brings us an update on the inbound Blood Angels supplement! (more…)

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Descent of Angels – New Blood Angels Rules

The Warhammer-community team brings us updates on the incoming Blood Angels for 9th ed 40k! (more…)

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Art and Philosophy

“Art is subjective.” Yeah, we’ve all heard that one. This cliche saying basically means that not all art means the same thing to everyone. While that can certainly be true, I tend to look at art interpretation much like I look at literary interpretation – not all interpretations are equal or are equally supported by […]

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