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Bleeder’s Digest: What Blood Angels Gained From Codex: SM

In my last article, we talked about a lot of what the Blood Angels lost with the interim update, but with the SM book now out and in my hands, I wanted to take a moment and talk about some of the things I like from reading the new book.

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Cap’n Morgan’s Interim BA Winners and Losers

There’s new Blood Angels stuff to talk about, so out I pop from my quarantine rabbit hole to offer some analysis. These interim rules have been out for a couple of days now, and while there’s a lot to be excited about, there’s also some mourning to do.

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The Occurrence at Gobin’s Forge Campaign: Round 1

The Story So Far: As was covered in the previous post the forces of the Minotaurs and Blood Angels are fighting to control the planet of Gobin’s Forge. (more…)

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Problem with Stratagems

The Problem with Stratagems

Stratagems are a new addition to 40K when looked at in the context of the whole game’s history. Even so, we’ve had a couple of years to really dig in and digest their place in the game now. I think it has been long enough for us to really take a look at what stratagems […]

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The Occurrence at Gobin’s Forge: A Narrative Campaign

Hello everyone, Lord Paddington here! With the release of the new narrative crusade rules a few friends and I are getting together a small campaign to try them out. (more…)

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Angels of Death Trailer is Looking HAWT!

Wow, this is really coming together. I am getting very excited for this. And remember, Frontline Gaming sells gaming products at a discount, every day in their webcart!

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Captain Morgan’s Blood of Baal Review Part 1: Winners

If there’s anything that gets my blood flowing (so to speak) it’s new rules for my red-armored Sons of Sanguinius, and Blood of Baal gave me an abundance of things to be happy about.

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Signals from the Frontline #664: Blood of Baal & Chapter Approved Inbound!

Ride the hurricane of new material! (more…)

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Blood of Baal Chapter Focus: The Blood Angels

Blood of Baal focuses on the titanic clashes between the Space Marines of the Blood Angels Chapter and Tyranids from Hive Fleet Leviathan. The book contains a host of new rules for both forces and today we’re taking a look at what’s inside for the Sons of Sanguinius.  (more…)

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Psychic Awakening: Blood and Talons

The Psychic Awakening has already engulfed the Aeldari, as well as the Black Templars and Heretic Astartes. Who could be next to feel its effects? The words ‘Blood of Baal’ are being whispered across Imperium Nihilus, and they may give you a clue… (more…)

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