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Welcome to the Thunderome: Two men enter, one man leaves!

40K Tactics: Space Wolves Thunderdome list part 2

This is the second article about the mighty thunderdome where I (Frankie) am going to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly lists to get matched up against with the space puppies. (more…)

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Blast from the past!

40K Forgeworld: Rapier Laser Destroyer, Contemptor Auto-Cannon Arms and Minotaur Shoulder Pads

Forgeworld continues to dig into the depths of 40K lore with these new, awesome additions to their line up. (more…)

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Video Battle Report

40K Video Battle Report: Tyranids vs. Necron Scarab Farm

The top Tyranid player in the USA takes on the Scarab Farm! (more…)

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Saving dough is a good thing!

40K Editorial: The $300 Challenge!

The challenge: Build a fun, unique, competitive force with everything you need to get started in 40K for $300 or less. Can it be done? (more…)

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Big Bird and Pals, terrors of the warp!

40K Tactics: Fatecrusher Daemons: Big Bird and Friends Part 2

        This is the second in a multi-part article about playing Fatecrusher Daemons according to Italiaplaya. Part 1 can be seen here. (more…)

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That's right, Batman plays Footdar, too!

40K Interview with Mike Tangney: Footdar, the Madness is Spreading!

This article is a summation of an interview I conducted with Mike Tangney about his Footdar and experiences with the list in the Irish/European meta. (more…)

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Signals from the Frontline

Signals from the Frontline

Signals from the Frtonline, your Tuesday, Saturday under 30 minutes Table Top Gaming Podcast. In this episode we discuss the Greek Article that slammed 40K, the showdown between Jy2 and myself with the Scarab Farm Necrons and Draigowing Grey Knights.

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Video Battle Report

40K Video Battle Report: Jy2’s Draigo Wing Grey Knights vs. Reecius’ Scarab Farm Necrons

So, who will prevail? The easy button Grey Knights, or the crafty Necrons? The mission was Capture and Control, the deployment was Pitched Battle. Here are the lists: Stormlord Scarab Farm Necrons 1850pts Unit Description Size Cost HQ Imotekh 1 225 Cryptek Chronomotron 1 40 Zandrekh 1 185 Lord Scythe, Scarabs 1 60 Troops Warriors […]

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Eldar Void Dragon Phoenix

40K Image: Eldar Void Dragon Phoenix

A beautifully painted Void Dragon Phoenix. (more…)

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Your Grand Pappy's Land Raider!

Forgeworld: Land Raider Armored Proteus

Forgeworld launches an assault on our wallets! (more…)

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