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FLG Paint Studio: Salamanders

These striking Salamanders were painted by the FLG Paint Studio! (more…)

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FLG’s Second Hand Shop Spring Cleaning Sale!

Jump in and take advantage of some of the awesome deals to be had. (more…)

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Signals 725

Signals from the Frontline #725: Kill Team Pariah a hit and Warhammer Quest Looking Amazing!

Join Reece for a recap on the last week in the Warhammer community! (more…)

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Tau Sept

Tau and Objectives

Tau have a problem that no other faction in the game does. What should Games Workshop going to do about it? I have some thoughts. (more…)

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40K Game Changers Ep 8: Neil Kerr.

Neil Kerr is the head judge of the WTC and a proud Scotsman. There is so much in this episode – including beer and a fair bit of rugby. And also how 40k saved his life. (more…)

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40k Fan Short: Death Korps of Krieg

Wow this video is fun and very well done! Give it a watch. (more…)

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4 Things you NEED as a Craftworld Player

Read on to learn about the essentials of Eldar! (more…)

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Chapter Tactics #196: A Bevy of Salty Tiers and Opinions

Today Peteypab, Brandon, and Skari break down a community tier list and decide whether they polled players were right or wrong about your 40k army’s power level. (more…)

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AOW Ep. 80.1 Will Dark Angels Take Over the Meta?

Listen to the latest AoW podcast where the crew talks about the possible impending domination of the Dark Angels! (more…)

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Tau Sept

Three Ways to Fix T’au

Earlier this week, Invasive Wargaming released a video in which he discussed the three things that Games Workshop needs to do in order to fix T’au for 9th edition, and in this article, I’m going to discuss my thoughts on the changes Mike suggests in the video (more…)

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