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Warhammer 40k – Voice-Over Batrep – Tau Vs. Demons

We are back with another voice-over battle report! This features a grudge match between Logan’s Tau, and Chris with his new Magnus The Red list. It’s bound to be an awesome game so check it out! Quick note – for some reason we played that the Sisters of Silence could be affected by Beam powers. […]

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Chapter Tactics #25: How to Beat Deathstars

PeteyPab and his guest have the scoop on how to compete against deathstars in the 41st millenium. Apparently it isn’t just about taking sisters of silence and hoping they do work. (more…)

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Tyranid Codex Review: Elites: Pyrovore

Hello again, Danny from TFG Radio here to talk about one of the most laughably terrible units in the game, so get ready for some salt and hopefully for humor to lift our spirits as we talk about the Pyrovore.  Be sure to check out Frontline’s Tactics Corner to see what good models look like. […]

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Signals from the Frontline #517: Adepticon Announcements

Join us for the live show on our Twitch channel by following this link! The show starts at 11am, PST. (more…)

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Deathwatch vs Ynnari Harlequin

The Deathwatch and Harlequins battle for an ancient Eldar relic on a desert planet. Who will leave the barren world with their prize? 1500 points, Relic, and Hammer and Anvil deployment. Join me on: Facebook: YouTube:

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More Breaking News from GW!

New Deathguard on the way and AoS: Shadespire announced! (more…)

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Copy of Lava 1 Image 2

New FLG Mats up for Pre-Order!

And an Adepticon special offer, too! (more…)

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Wrath of Magnus Review: Elites: Scarab Occult Terminators

Hey guys, Chandler here to give you a rundown on the Scarab Occult Terminators for Thousand Sons.  For more reviews, analysis, and strategy check out the Tactics Corner. (more…)

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Breaking 40k News from Adepticon!

The following is taken directly from the Warhammer Community page: (more…)

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Roll To Seize Logo 7-29-14 600x600

New Roll to Seize: 40k Arena – Stompa vs Hierodule

40k Arena’s first Super Heavy match up!  (more…)

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