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Stage Managing the Apocalypse: Mega Battles in 9th Edition

Hi All,Recently I organized my club’s first apocalypse battle in 9th edition. As we get started I must note that we elected to use the 9th ed rule set (although somewhat modified) rather then the specific Apocalypse rules. The following is a synopsis of the event, alongside my reflections on what worked well and what […]

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Necron Wraith Rush

This past weekend I took my Necrons out to the Flames of Autumn Major at Tables and Towers, located in Westminster, MD. For my last few events I was running double C’tan along with the all Objective Secured Necron’s Custom Dynasty, but for this event I was really worried about Admech Bombers, Drukhari Bombers, Thousand […]

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This Week in the ITC: Grey Knights bare their Teeth and So Cal Open is upon us!

Welcome, Warhammer 40k fanatics! SaltyJohn from TFG Radio bringing you some exciting news, and memes, from the world of Competitive 40k! (more…)

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9E Tau Codex Review: Flyers: Tiger Shark

Today we look at the Tau’s second-largest flyer, the Tiger Shark. Click to read on or check out the Tactics Corner for more reviews and strategies. (more…)

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The SoCal Meta with Salty John | Signals from the Frontline

Hey everybody, welcome to signals from the frontline,  this week we talk Warzone Octarius. Tyranids and Imperial Guard Codex next? We also have Salty John, FLG Staff Judge and writer.   (more…)

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Crucible in London AGAIN! | The Thursday Show

Happy Thursday, it’s time for another warhammer 40,000 tournament preview. This week we go over some big hitters going into the Crucible in Florida and  we return to London for The Open.

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New GW Models Inbound!

Take a look at some of these awesome models on the way from GW for various game systems!

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Tau_Stealth Suit 2

Stealths Suits have some utility

While there aren’t many units in the T’au codex that have much utility in 9th edition, XV25 Stealth Suits do offer T’au players some interesting play. (more…)

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How To: ITC Player Placed Terrain from Front Line Gaming Events

Our friends over at Black Rabbit Gaming have put together a great video breaking down Player Optimized Terrain, how it works, how long it actually takes to do and answering some of the questions community members have had. Check it out! (more…)

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Pre-order the New Harrowdeep!

Pre-order the new Harrowdeep from us here at Frontline Gaming through our web-cart and save money! (more…)

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