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LVO 2018 Registration is now OPEN!

The Las Vegas Open 2018 registration is now live, ladies and gents! (more…)

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New Forgeworld: Sicaran Punisher

Wow, this tank looks awesome! (more…)

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Would you like to run an event or volunteer at the Las Vegas Open 2018?

Have you ever wanted to run a gaming event at the Las Vegas Open or being a part of the staff? Well, here’s your chance! (more…)

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Industrial Terrain 4_1

ITC Industrial Terrain up for Pre-Order!

The wait is over! The ITC Industrial terrain set and FLG Mat are now available for pre-order! (more…)

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BCP Player App & 8th Edition the Perfect Pair

The team behind the awesome BCP App we use for the ITC has some big announcements! (more…)

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Warhammer Fest- Display Photos

Hi everyone, Michael here with photos of some of the awesome displays that were present at Warhammer Fest. For more reviews, analyses and battle reports, check out the Tactics Corner. (more…)

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The Primaris Marines have their Roots in the Fluff. Relax.

Hello denizens of the interwebs. SaltyJohn here from TFG Radio to bring you an article out of the ordinary for me. A fluff piece, discussing the roots for Primaris Marines in the Fluff! (more…)

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6x4 webcart Alien Hive 1

New FLG Mat: Alien Hive

The Alien Hive FLG Mat is here! Available in 4×6′, 4×4′ and 3×3′ sizes. (more…)

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sftfl mini blog post 530

Signals from the Frontline #530: NewHammer 40k Infantry and Large Model Rules!

Join us for the live show on our Twitch channel by following this link! The show starts at 11am, PST. (more…)

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Yellow Full Terrain RC

Robot City Complete ITC Terrain Set available in 5 Colors!

The Robot City complete ITC Terrain Set is now available in 5 colors! (more…)

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