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The Top-10 Most-Improved Aeldari Units are…

Zyekian here, taking a look at the jolt the Ynnari rules sent through all three space elf ‘dexes.  The Strength from Death rule brings new potential to a wide array of units, bringing some formerly second-rate units into the spotlight as well as adding more juice to the top meta units.  Read on to see […]

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Dark Eldar Unit Review: HQs: Court of the Archon

Zyekian here once again taking a look at the ins and outs of Codex:Dark Eldar, panning for gems in the proverbial rock pile.  This codex is actually stocked with a number of odd and very cool units, many of which are virtually unseen on today’s tables even in casual matches.  Like Beastmasters the reason for […]

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The Mysterious Man in Red is, well…. GW already told us who it is

Zyekian here to tell you that the raging interweb debate on the identity of the mysterious crimson figure is over.  And it was actually over from the start as GW left a trail of space bread crumbs right in front of us, straight to the boots of this critical character.  Read on as the space […]

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Harlequins Review: Elites: Solitaire

Zyekian here once again to highlight an unsung gem from the webway: the Harlequin Solitaire.  He (or she?) can be a fantastic addition to your list and not just among the pointy-eared xenos.  Read on to find out why this little nightmare has a place in your army.  And as always check the Tactics Corner […]

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Eldar and Corsair Codex Review: Heavy Support: Lynx

Zyekian here to discuss a unit that created quite a stir in the Warhammer 40K community when the Forgeworld IA:11 second edition book was released, but has garnered relatively little notice since: the Lynx.  Fast and powerful, it takes skill to use effectively without becoming an expensive pothole by turn two.  Read on for tips […]

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Dark Eldar Unit Review: Troops: Wyches

Zyekian here to tackle the most maligned and debated units in Codex: Dark Eldar, Wyches.  Do these deadly (heh…) duelists have a place in your army?  Or are they shelfbait until the next codex refresh?  Read on for the full breakdown!  And as always don’t forget to check out Frontline Gaming’s tactics corner for more […]

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Dark Eldar Unit Review: Fast Attack: Beastmasters

Zyekian here once again taking a look at what Codex:Dark Eldar has to offer, scouring for hidden gems in the rock pile.  This codex is full of odd and wonderful units, many of which are virtually unseen on today’s tables even in casual matches.  The reason for this likely has more to do with many […]

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Death Masque Harlequin Rules: The Untold Story

Zyekian here to bring you the scoop on the Harlequin side of the Death Masque boxed set.  Podcast reviews have come and gone with barely a mention of the Laughing God half of this thing so let’s get to work! And as always, check out the Frontline Gaming Tactics Corder for more advice and strategery […]

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Dark Eldar Review: HQs: Succubus

Zyekian here, bringing you the run-down on the wicked witches of the 40k universe: Succubi.  Vicious yet fragile in combat, these True Kin warriors can be an effective part of a Dark Eldar list.  For tips on this challenging but rewarding HQ read on.  And check out Frontline Gaming’s Tactics Corner for more ways to […]

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Dark Eldar Review: Fast Attack: Hellions

Zyekian here once again, this time bringing you the scoop on arguably the worst unit in all of Warhammer 40K: the Dark Eldar Hellion.  The Frontline Gaming Tactics Corner is chock full of articles on how to get the most out of your army and this will be no exception – we’ll see what we […]

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