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30K – When 40K is 10 Too Many

TinBane here, talking about what all this 30k nonsense is, and why/how you can join it four books into the series. (more…)

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Star Wars: Armada hands on

I’ve been a big fleet game fan for as long as I can remember. However they tend to vary between overly simplistic rulesets, and “I can’t believe this isn’t spreadsheet manager 2015”. When Battlefleet Gothic (BFG) launched, I felt like it really bottled lightning, in terms of trading off complexity and ease of play. The ruleset […]

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ITC Ranking Update

ITC Rankings (more…)

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How often does First Blood determine game outcome?

TinBane the Aussie, discusses game points in the ITC format. (more…)

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Dropzone Commander Reconquest: Phase 1 – First thoughts

TinBane here from Australia with some first thoughts on the newly released first expansion for Dropzone Commander – Reconquest: Phase 1. Unlike the US, our DzC distributors (the guys who ship to people like Frontline Gaming) seem to have their shit together and these products are just starting to arrive in player’s hands over here. […]

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DZC – Reconquest: Phase 1 Special Rules

Tinbane here with some DzC crunch gleaned from an interview with Dave on Beasts of War. I’m getting REALLY excited about the launch of Reconquest: Part 1! Check out the Tactics Corner for more great DzC content! (more…)

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Growth – The Challenges of Making Money

2013 was the year of the Kickstarter. But kickstarters have a reputation for failing to deliver the promised target on time. It seems incredible that having hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank could be anything but a project accelerator. (more…)

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