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Space Wolf Review: Fast Attack: Skyclaw

It’s been a while since I’ve written an article and I’ve started to experience some withdrawal symptoms: shaking… the sweats… but probably the most disturbing is every time I close my eyes I get this image of Reece looking at me with a stern look… the only remedy for these frightening symptoms is to start […]

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Space Marine Review: Elites: Centurion Assault Squad

Ladies and Gents… Scuba Steve here – today I want to quickly talk about a unit that is seldom seen on the table top… but really should be. The little brother of the mighty Centurion Devastator, the Centurion Assault Squad packs a serious punch when it is combined with some savvy tactics and bold play […]

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Space Marine Review: Formation: 10th Company Task Force

Ladies and Gents, today we are going to take a good look on how to effectively use the 10th Company Task Force, a Space Marine Formation that almost everybody uses but not always to the most effective ends, well… I think it is time to fix that… We are going to make it so that […]

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Space Marines Review: Heavy Support: Stalker

Up for review: the Space marine Stalker tank! Check the Tactics Corner for more great review. (more…)

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Space Marines Review: Heavy Support: Thunderfire Cannons

Oh… hello there. I didn’t see you come in! Welcome, to our discussion of the Space Marine Thunderfire Cannon. Scuba Steve here, and I’ll be giving you a brief walkthrough of what you can expect when you field on of these things and a few ways you can use them to great effectiveness. As always, […]

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KDK Review: Elites: Bloodcrushers

Hello, Veterans and Rookies of the table-top. Scuba Steve here to talk about the fastest Crushers this side of Blood River. That’s right! Today’s tactics discussion is going to be on the KDK Bloodcrushers! They’re fast, they’re ruthless, and they’re all you’ll need to take your game to the next level with Khorne Daemonkin! As […]

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Khorne Daemonkin Review: Elites: Chaos Terminators

Scuba Steve coming at you with another Khorne Daemonkin tactics article and the topic of today’s discussion is how you can effectively include Chaos Terminators into your Daemonkind army! (more…)

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Khorne Daemonkin Review: Troops: Berzerkers

Scuba Steve with a tactics article on Khorne Berzerkers! (more…)

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Khorne Daemonkin Review: Formation: Brazen Onslaught

Today is all about business, folks. Big Papa Khorne is on his way downtown and he’s bringing two scoops of Brazen Onslaught with him. That’s right, today I am going to walk you through one of my favorite formations in the Khorne Daemonkin book, the Brazen Onslaught; I’m going to show you how to use it, what […]

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Khorne Daemonkin Review: HQ: Skulltaker

Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the something, something (I’m too pumped up to care about how the chant ends, it’s FAR TOO AWESOME!!)!! (more…)

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