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Navigating the Realms: Magic City

After a short hiatus I’m back to talk about Sigmar’s magic city, otherwise known as Hallowheart. (more…)

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Navigating the Realms: Hallowheart and Stormcast

I recently had a chance to test my new Stormcast Eternal list (found here), against another local tournament player running a list pulled from the new Cities of Sigmar Book, and I found the results to be quite informative. (more…)

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Navigating the Realms: Sigmar’s Cities

The long awaited Cities of Sigmar battletome has finally dropped and it includes warscroll and point updates along with all new allegiance abilities for the seven featured free cities. It is not all good news, however, as many Human, Duardin, and Aelf warscrolls did not make the transition into the new book (but we won’t dwell on that). […]

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Navigating the Realms: Shootcast in the Current Meta

As promised, after a brief journey down the Gotrek rabbit hole, I’m back to continue the discussion of where I am going with my competitive AoS list in the post General’s Handbook 2019 world. (more…)

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Navigating the Realms: The Gotrek Meta

In my last article I said that this week I would discuss my invalidated Age of Sigmar tournament list, and changes that I am considering due to the release of the General’s Handbook 2019. But I’ve decided that the arrival of Gotrek Gurnisson to the scene (he appeared in multiple lists at the 81 player Facehammer GT […]

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Navigating the Realms: Considerations When Writing a Competitive AoS List

Age of Sigmar has come a long way in the last four years. From the points-less wasteland that was, to yearly points updates, rapid-fire battletome releases, and a semiannual FAQ, things have undoubtedly improved from a pitched battle perspective. (more…)

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AoS Meeting Engagment Tournament Report Part 2

I’m back this week with part two of the breakdown of a recent Age of Sigmar meeting engagement tournament that I helped to organize and played in. Part one can be found here. As mentioned previously, I ran an eel based Idoneth Deepkin list, hoping to leverage their speed and melee prowess to make up […]

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