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Stealths Suits have some utility

While there aren’t many units in the T’au codex that have much utility in 9th edition, XV25 Stealth Suits do offer T’au players some interesting play. (more…)

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A Troublesome Time

How should players with only one army deal with the current state of 40k if that one army performs poorly on the battlefield? I’ve been asking myself this question in one form or another over the past few months (more…)

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New Tech for the T’au

A few days ago, Games Workshop announced the latest addition to Kill Team, and T’au players finally have something to be cheerful about. (more…)

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How Should GW Deal With its IP?

As almost all of you will have already heard, GW recently updated its intellectual property guidelines. In this document, GW clearly states that “individuals must not create fan films or animations based on our settings and characters. These are only to be created under licence from Games Workshop.” (more…)

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Richard Siegler Does the Business Again

The winner of the Atlantic City Open will come as no surprise: the excellent Brad Chester, playing the deadly Drukhari, took the top spot. What’s more, he did it in style, winning all nine of his games. (more…)

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Peculiar Points Reductions

Games Workshop must really dislike T’au. Right? Well, no. I think that the chances of the head honchos at GW holding distinct and sincere animus toward any one faction in particular are very low. (more…)

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Small Changes to a Big Game

The 2021 edition of Chapter Approved is set to be released in a week’s time, and we’ve already had a couple of articles on Warhammer Community revealing some of the points costs and rules changes that we can look forward to. (more…)

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A Respectable Second Place

A few weeks back, on the weekend of the 24th of April, another intrepid T’au Empire player, Ben Neal, put in strong showing at a tournament, the Olympus Games GT, over in Cheyenne, Wyoming. (more…)

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The Waiting Game

It’s not a good time to be a T’au player. While I still love the faction, even the briefest glance at any win-rate data tells a pretty unfortunate tale. (more…)

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The Murder Elves are too Good, but it’ll Pass

The Drukhari is a problem right now. Everyone who plays 40k knows this. Hell, even if you don’t know a Space Marine from a Squig, you’ve probably heard your 40k-playing mates talk about the Drukhari. (more…)

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