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Overwatch is dead. Long live overwatch!

All right, Games Workshop, you got me. (more…)

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Are we over with overwatch in 9th?

It’s been another great week for 9th edition reveals. While we’ve seen a host of interesting new rules, there is really only one thing to talk about for a T’au player: the changes to overwatch. (more…)

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Having a Blast at Engagement Range

This has been a very interesting week in 9th edition 40k. We’ve seen a bunch of new rules, all of which I think will take the game in a good direction while respecting where it comes from. Indeed, 9th edition is shaping up to be a solid update rather than a completely new system. (more…)

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Command Points and Unit Points

Over this last week we’ve seen Games Workshop release a handful of articles discussing the latest changes in the new edition of 40k. (more…)

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9th Edition Information

Hi folks. Since last weekend’s reveal of the new edition of 40k, we’ve seen various news emerge on the changes we could see going into the new edition. Today I’m going to explore some of these ideas. Note, this is just my take on what GW has revealed so far! (more…)

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9th Edition 40k

Hey guys. There is of course only one thing to talk about today: 9th edition 40k. (more…)

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Classic Crisis Suits

Post-Psychic Awakening Crisis Suits

Hey folks. Today I’m going to take an in-depth look at the improvements to Crisis Suits that the fifth Psychic Awakening book, The Greater Good, provided for the T’au. (more…)

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Scarcity and the Colonel

Hi guys. Today I’m going to discuss something a little different. I want to talk about the economics of limited run models. (more…)

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A Case for Optimism

Hey guys. Today I’m arguing for optimism. (more…)

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Moving to 9th Edition 40k

Hi guys. Today I’m talking about 9th edition — and why it probably won’t be hugely different to 8th. (more…)

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