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Fantasy Fightclub: A Deeper Look at Conquest

Taking elements of the last thirty years of tabletop gaming, and mixing them with a fresh coat of paint, Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings is poised to be one of our hobbies next big games.  Let’s take a look at it in a little more depth. (more…)

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Fantasy Fisticuffs #12: We Can’t Be Heroes

With competitive AoS on the rise, what happens when units are unavailable?  What is the message to the community at large? Let’s discuss. (more…)

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Fantasy Fightclub: The Other Side of Competitive Fantasy Games

With “Total War: Warhammer” on the video-game front, and AoS growing quickly as a competitive game, what else is out there for players to get excited about?  Let’s take a look at some serious contenders on the market. (more…)

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Fantasy Fisticuffs #11: Turn and Face the Strange, Ch-ch-ch Changehost

While many of the recent competitive AoS events were revelatory in terms of what much-hyped armies failed to make their mark, the story of other events was all about what can happen when powerful interactions slip through the cracks. (more…)

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Fantasy Fisticuffs #10: Bonereaper Meta or How I Learned Not to Fear the Atomic Bomb

With Las Vegas Open, and CanCon 2020 behind us, the most recent “season” of competitive Age of Sigmar has ended.  As the new one begins we need to discuss the Ossiarch Bonereapers. (more…)

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Fantasy Fisticuffs #9: More on Movement and Positioning to Win

Last time we spoke about using a little math, and the power of positioning to ensure you fight battles on your terms.  This time we continue with tips on how to make maximum use of your Movement phase, in order to set you up for success. (more…)

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Fantasy Fisticuffs #8: Movement Tech and the Importance of Presence Part 1

This week we take a break from our army analysis series to discuss something that matters to all players, movement, and how to make the most of model placement. (more…)

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Fantasy Fisticuffs #7: Cities of Sigmar – Mortal Wounds and Poofy Blouses

A love-letter, or an apology, to those with loads of Old World models, you decide.  In either case, the Cities of Sigmar bring AoS 2nd Edition a diverse, and nuanced book full of interesting playstyles. (more…)

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Fantasy Fisticuffs #6: Fyreslayers – Fighting Fyre with Fyre

They have been bottom-tier, mid-tier, and top-tier, but where do the Fyreslayers find themselves in today’s competitive AoS landscape?  Let’s take a look. (more…)

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Editorial: Accessibility in Games – No, the Other Kind

If you have been to competitive tabletop events anywhere in the US North-East, you very well may have seen me, and would recognize me without having met me.  I’m one of a handful of wheelchair users, and want to share my experiences as part of this community. (more…)

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