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T’au Gets UPGRADES To Their Prototype Systems

T’au keep coming in strong with these previews. This time we’re seeing the upgrades to their prototype systems. (more…)

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The Uprising on Hold for a week in Nottingham | The Thursday Show

This week we have 2 SUPER MAJORS to deep dive with those last few days of the season and a years worth of work on the line! (more…)

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Colin Sherman on making engine noises at the top table | 40k Game Changers

Charity Hammer, Best in Faction, winning events, having fun, making friends and having balance. This is the episode that covers all the big stuff with one of the biggest guys in the game.  (more…)

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NEW Genestealer Cults Codex REVIEW | Chapter Tactics

Going over the new Genestealer Cults book and what’s the good/bad of it. (more…)

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Hack Your Way To Success at the World’s Biggest 40k Tournaments | Signals from the Frontline

Welcome to signals from the frontline, your every Wednesday live cast brought to you by frontline gaming. (more…)

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Armies Coming To The LVO & Players To Watch For

List submissions are in (for the most part) and although we still have to wait for more people to send in their lists while getting yellow carded for submitting late, we have some interesting numbers to look at so far. So as a heads up, this list is still not complete as more than half […]

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Lord of the Rings Series Title Announcement TEASER

Looks like the Amazon Prime Lord of the Rings series will be getting the name – The Rings of Power (more…)

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Speed Painting & Getting Ready For LVO | Grim After Dark

Phillip Hall joins Grim After Dark to talk about how he’s tackling LVO with a new army. (more…)

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The Colonel’s Corner: Creating the Mad King

Hey guys ‘n gals! Welcome back to another installment of The Colonels Corner!  Today I want to showcase a model I’ve recently finished for my Necron Destroyer Cult. I wanted to complete the army with a centerpiece model. Something that would not only be very eye catching, but also be the head of my army. […]

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Starting Marvel Crisis Protocol – PART 2

Hello all and welcome back to Part 2 of my exploration of Marvel Crisis Protocol. (more…)

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