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Taking Time to Counting Your Blessings

Hi Everyone, As many of you know it is the week of Thanksgiving here in the USA and I thought it would be a good time to take a minute and discuss some hobby-related things I am thankful for. Through the course of the year it’s easy to get caught up in the rush of […]

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Stormcast Eternals Lightning Strike

Narrative Review – Stormcast Eternal Path to Glory Rules

Hello Everyone,I am excited to review my first Age of Sigmar Path to Glory rules expansion. These come from the Stormcast Eternal (SCE) book and I am excited to see how Games Workshop is going to use this system in fun and narrative ways. As with my past reviews I will look at each section […]

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What the Success of Dune means for the future of 40k

This past weekend I got the opportunity to see the new Dune movie with some friends and I was quite impressed. (more…)

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40K Stoat’s Center Tackles the End of the World

This article is satire The end is nigh. For the first time ever the game is unbalanced, GW seems uninterested in intervening to fix anything, the meta is awash in a sea of buggies and flyers, and there are naught but cheaters, grifters or charlatans for opponents. Surely we are in a time when men […]

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Grey Knights Codex – Narrative Review

So it’s been a while since my last narrative review so let’s take a dive into the Grey Knights book and see what it has to offer. The crusade portion of each codex has varied in flavor and power and I wonder what the writers at GW have is store here. As with my other […]

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It’s Going to Get Worse Before it Gets Better

The competitive landscape is in an interesting place right now. Yesterday we had the second major event with an early concession following a devastating first turn. Furthermore, this event doesn’t possess any of the fig leaves that others used to write off the London GT results. The player who lost went first, is a very […]

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Stage Managing the Apocalypse: Mega Battles in 9th Edition

Hi All,Recently I organized my club’s first apocalypse battle in 9th edition. As we get started I must note that we elected to use the 9th ed rule set (although somewhat modified) rather then the specific Apocalypse rules. (more…)

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If more terrain is the answer…What is the Question?

One of the most common refrains since the release of 9th edition has been: You need more terrain. This has been emphasized due to the increase killing power visible across the board, and the smaller board sizes making it harder to stay out of range. Indeed, with the release of the Ad-Mech book a lack […]

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Back in the Saddle: Fabricator’s Forge RTT Report

Hello All,Given it had been a while since my last competitive event (May if you can believe it) I decided it was high time to play another tournament. So I headed down to our local club to see the state of the game, and to try my hand at the new GT mission rules. I […]

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The Art of Conceding

One of the more controversial topics in the competitive 40k landscape is about whether or not conceding a game early is a sign of poor sportsmanship. On the one hand, Warhammer 40k is a game and as such is supposed to be fun. If you cease having fun, why should you be compelled to keep […]

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