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Narrative Review – Nighthaunt

Today’s article will be focusing on the very spookiest of bois…the Nighthaunt! For an army with such incredible models (albeit a bit fragile) let’s see if their Path to Glory rules stack up well compared to other armies! Army Special Rules:Right off the bat the Nighthaunt get a couple of really powerful rules. The first […]

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Narrative Gaming Offers Some Cures to the GW Blues

Hi All, like every other chaos player I was eagerly awaiting every little rumor coming from the upcoming codex release. As a Night Lords player I wasn’t fooling myself into believing that playing a post-heresy, so no daemons, daemon engines, or marked units would be good. The rumors indicated that GW is still trying to […]

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Crusade Event Interview – Cadian Sergeant Steel

Hi All, I am here with a quick interview with the ever-creative Cadian Sergent Steel Steel about an event he is organizing this coming Saturday. What caught my eye about this event (so much so that I decided to come ) is that it is a crusade-specific event, but one that is wrapping up a […]

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Narrative Review – Daughters of Khaine

Time for our Weekly Age of Sigmar review! Today we will be looking at the Daughters of Khaine Path to Glory rules. These rules seem to be creeping up in power, compared to the Stormcasts and Kruelboyz, let’s see if the trend continues. Army Special Rules:So after every battle, you can pick one Battleline or […]

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Narrative Review – Blood Angels

We are finally at the last Space Marine supplement to review! The Sons of Sanguinius are a proud bunch. Let’s see how this supplement tried to work that into their crusade rules: Army Specific Rules: The special rules for the Blood Angels revolve around the Black Rage. A very important part of their lore, the […]

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You’re Crusading Wrong – Relics

Hi All,I am a big fan of the Crusade system but I am more than willing to admit there are a number of quite confusing aspects. One area I keep running into confusion is the role of relics in the crusade system. Can you stack faction relics? How do I add crusade relics? What about […]

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Narrative Review – Idoneth Deepkin Path to Glory Rules

Hi everyone,Catching up here on my Age of Sigmar Path to Glory reviews. I figure I would review one of my favorite armies the Idoneth Deepkin!Army Special Rules: The Idoneth’s main mechanic revolves around them acquiring souls. After you kill a unit you make a number of rolls according to an attached table. For each […]

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Narrative Review – Space Wolves Codex

All right everyone, despite my dislike of these norse-furries it’s time to give them a proper narrative review! How many ice/wolf named rules await? Read on to find out! Current Wolf/Ice counter: 0 Army Special Rules: Just like your county records office these boys are obsessed with deeds. Any time you level up, instead of […]

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How will GW Fight Cannibalization?

One thing that will be interesting to watch in the coming months and years is the impact of rolling the Horus Heresy and the Old World into the main GW line up. I am curious to see if the heads of GW are worried about product cannibalization, and if so what steps can they take […]

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Horus Heresy Leaks – Night Lords Quick Reactions: Part 2

In my previous post I was able to review some of the upcoming rules for the Night Lord’s Legion that recently leaked. I am very happy with what I have seen so far, and I am excited to dive into the Primarch, and other special units today. Konrad Curze:All right, it’s time to review El […]

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