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Review of Crusade Mission Pack – Beyond the Veil

Hello everyone, Today I am very excited to present my review of the first DLC mission pack GW has released for the Crusade Campaign system. Overall, I am excited about what this release represents, and I think it provides a lot of cool rules and options for anyone who is looking to set up novel […]

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5 things I am hoping for & 5 things I am expecting from the new Forge World book

While everyone is either getting salty or excited about the upcoming Space Marine and Necron releases, the item that drew my eye was the announcement of the new Forge World book.  While I don’t have an inside scoop, I thought I would discuss what things I am expecting to happen in this new book, and […]

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The Occurrence at Gobin’s Forge Campaign: Round 1

The Story So Far: As was covered in the previous post the forces of the Minotaurs and Blood Angels are fighting to control the planet of Gobin’s Forge. (more…)

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The Occurrence at Gobin’s Forge: A Narrative Campaign

Hello everyone, Lord Paddington here! With the release of the new narrative crusade rules a few friends and I are getting together a small campaign to try them out. (more…)

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Supreme Command Eldar

9th Edition Narrative Rules: Initial Crusade Impressions

While it seems that half the internet is either rejoicing or despairing at every new twist in 9th ed (or even at the rumor of a twist) I have been chewing through some of the new narrative rules that have leaked out. I have divided them into three different sections: The Good, The Bad and […]

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Hobby Challenge: Building a Modular Board for under $50

This is how I assume my painting looks like to others Let me begin this article by stating that I currently have one of the Frontline Gaming mats and I absolutely love it. However, since it is a more sci-fi mat, I was looking for something more rustic for my Age of Sigmar games. The […]

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Why I’m Optimistic for 9th: Harlequins

Today’s article is covering three reasons I am excited for 9th Edition as a Harlequin player and a few concerns I have. Reasons for optimism: Changes to Detachments and Command Points: As odd as this may sound, I believe the change to how you select detachments really helps Harlequins (and other armies with smaller unit […]

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Competing With Eldar Corsairs (An ITC Journey) Part 2: Venoms in the Mist

If you missed Part 1: A Fist full of Venoms, this is series where I discuss the quest I undertook during the 2019 season to become the #1 Eldar Corsair player. In this section I will cover the first events I attended and my results. (more…)

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My Biggest Wish for 9th: Address the Fly Keyword

Hi Everyone, As we are all getting excited for the new edition, and whatever changes it will bring, I thought I would go ahead and address one of my biggest pet peeves of 8th: the “Fly” keyword is too good. (more…)

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Competing With Eldar Corsairs (An ITC Journey) Part 1: A Fistful of Venoms

Hi everyone! I would like to dedicate the following series of articles to people who play competitive 40k with the armies they love rather than the most effective ones. This one is for all the mono Harlequin, Death Guard, Death Watch etc. players out there: keep being awesome! (more…)

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