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Grndl Grendelson

Squats – Past, Present, and Future

Loopy from the Masters of the Forge Narrative 40k podcast has decided to risk life and limb to discuss a topic that is near and dear to so many hearts. If you’ve ever been interested to learn what all the hubbub is with the Squats, read on… (more…)

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ITC Orc Terrain

Loopy’s ITC Orc Terrain Project Part 2/2

Loopy’s back to finish off the series with the Ork buildings from the ITC terrain series. In this one, Adam customizes and supplements the buildings and shows off his paint jobs. (more…)

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Model Submission Tool for Your Event

Loopy has come up with an interesting method for players to submit customizations and conversions to his events and he’d like to share it with other T.O.s in the hopes of helping them out with this sometimes difficult task. (more…)

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Loopy’s ITC Orc Terrain Project Part 1/2

Loopy’s back with another video post about his adventures with the ITC terrain series. This time, he’s putting together a couple of tables’ worth of the ITC Orc Terrain. This first video discusses building the terrain. Future videos will talk about modifying and supplementing terrain, then painting it. (more…)

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The Mighty Lasgun

Loopy here to help suss out something that’s been a hot-button issue of late. I was wondering about the actual feasibility of 100 brave Guardsmen of the implacable Astra Militarum taking out a tank with their Lasguns. After a few short Google searches, I have learned that it’s a lot more believable than you’d think. (more…)

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The Goldensprue Cup GT – Aftermath

Although the Goldensprue Cup has been a staple of the Albany, NY region and fully invested in the ITC for several years now, this was our first outing as a GT. We had 36 players sit down to throw dice with us this January. Everyone had a blast including your humble T.O. We hope to grow […]

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intervening models infantry

GW FAQ Roundup – Intervening Model Cover Saves

Hello! Loopy here to talk about one of the more confusing morsels from the new FAQ from GW: cover saves from intervening models. (more…)

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Loopy from Masters of the Forge Builds a F.A.T. Mat Zone Mortalis Board

Thanks to Doug from Tablewar, my club has some new F.A.T. Mats to play our campaign games. I have created some custom Zone Mortalis walls for use with these mats. (more…)

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Loopy and Toranaga’s Death From the Skies Perspectives

Loopy and Toranaga bring us their perspective on the controversial Death from the Skies supplement. (more…)

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Khorne Daemonkin Review: Core: Slaughtercult Formation

Loopy here, once again, to patter on about the Khorne Daemonkin. This week, I’m talking about the Slaughtercult. (more…)

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