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A Call To Arms!

I want to thank the entire war gaming community for helping me, Jason Flanzer, and Frontline Gaming get our Warmachine and Hordes content off the ground. (more…)

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Phx open

Event Spotlight: Phoenix Open

Warmachine Weekend Invitational Qualifiers are always going to be the gem of the regional events each year. That stamp that WMW* puts on your event says it will be competitive and have a decent to above average attendance due to people wanting the very important spot in the invitational. With many people traveling to Phoenix, […]

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get rich quick

5 Ways to Become a Contender in Less Than a Week!

“Get rich quick!” “Lose ten pounds in five days!” The money and health fads have proven that people want results ASAP. Can the same bold promises be made in Warmachine*? I like to think so! Playing the game and having the abilities to go on a deep run in an event cannot be faked. That […]

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Frontline Gaming: Warmachine Edition

Hey everyone, we’ve got a really awesome announcement to share with the community! (more…)

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