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Grim Dark Guide Batrep 009: CSM vs Admech

The might of the Ryza Forgeworld tests its mettle against the forces of Chaos. Who will be victorious? (It’s not easy being a chaos space marine!) Brought to you by Mortis Miniatures

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Grim Dark Batrep: IG and Raptors v Dark Angels

Welcome to another Grim Dark Guide Batrep. In this instalment, it’s Lias Issodon and an elite IG list taking on the might of the Dark Angels. with the new armoured shipping crates making a debut! Note: We totally forgot to use the random chart with the shipping crates. Doh! Enjoy…

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Grim Dark Batrep: Chaos Daemons vs Dark Angels

Dan and Steve from the Grim Dark Guide bring you another stellar instalment. This time its a classic challenge using an old Arcanacon mission – Thunderhawk Down. Hold on, this may be a rocky ride…Check the Tactics Corner for more great video bat reps!  

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Grim Dark Batrep: Orks v Tyranids

Checkout the latest full length batrep from the guys at the Another excellent nail-biter with some classic miniatures (I’m looking at you carnifex).

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