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The Universe’s best Surgeons: Codex Drukhari Review of Covens

The necessary Evil in an otherwise pure society, Coven’s are the answer to the age old question. How can a dying race sustain itself with mass slaughter of itself. The Flesh wielders of the Coven’s solve this problem. On the table top, they are the Eldar version of durability. Previously, Coven lists could put up […]

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Codex Drukari Review: Which Wych

When asked to describe Wych Cult units, most players would tell you they are an unforgiving glass cannon: if left out of position, they might as well be back on the display board. Since the advent of the previous edition, Wych Cult units began to hit more like a wet noodle then any artillery. Today […]

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The Core of a Drukhari Army: Kabals

Welcome back to looking at the Drukhari (DE, or True Kin) Codex. Today we are focusing on the Kabals. This sub faction of the army has always been the core, both fluff and table top wise. Their role has shifted slightly with this book. While they are not good enough that you typically can run […]

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The Icing on the Cake: Drukhari War Lord traits and Secondaries.

Welcome back to the third installment of the Codex: Drukhari (DE or True Kin – I am old school) review. Today we will be looking at the 22 Warlord traits available, as well as the 4 available Secondaries. I had considered doing the secondaries after the entire codex review was done, but I decided to […]

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The Backbone of Drukhari: Strats, and Relics

Continuing on with our review of the new Codex: Drukhari, we are going to be looking at Stratagems and Relics this time. The Strats are quite good, none seem broken, but all add a lot of flavor and tools to the army. The Relics…. well, they are not Bad per se, but the authors may […]

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Welcoming Back, the True Kin: Drukhari. A review of detachment abilities and basic weapon changes

Oh man. TL:DR; This book rocks. I am quite excited about the subtle, and not so subtle changes that have occurred in this book. You can not play your Drukhari (henceforth to be referred to as DE or True Kin) the way you used to. And, in my humble opinion, that is a good thing. […]

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Salamander Bolter

Space Marine Review: Relics

It is hard to imagine a time when most armies did not have relics, so integral have they become to army compositions. In 8th edition, a lack of strong Relics could often times force armies into mono builds or curtail their competitiveness altogether. At the start of 8th, Marines had this problem. NuMarines, at the […]

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Matroyshka – Part 17 – Finale

Welcome to the last installment of the short story Matroyshka. For those of you waiting for it to all be up before you started, you may now begin. Part one may be found here, and at the end of each section there is a link to the next part, so you may read it as […]

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Space Marine Review – Warlord Traits

Welcome to the continuing breakdown of the 2020 9th edition Codex Space Marines. Today we will be looking over the 12 generic warlord traits, as well as the Chapter specific ones. I originally was going to do the relics as well, but the Warlord traits took me longer than expected. Relics next. (more…)

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Matroyshka – Part 16

Welcome back to the penultimate chapter of the Matroyshka saga. If you are just joining us, part one can be found here. (more…)

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