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Supreme Command Eldar

Eldar List Construction in 9th Ed

Let’s have a think about Eldar list construction in 9th ed. (more…)

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Thinking Ahead: 13th Edition

Ok, lets take a look at what we know about 9th edition so far.  (more…)

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8th Edition Bangers

With 9th edition rapidly approaching, I thought I would share some of my favorite lists in 8th edition. I’ve tagged these with the name of the player who ran it when I noticed it.  (more…)

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Your 40k Horoscope: New Beginnings

With the summer solstice drawing closer and closer, everyone’s feeling a little spunky…but there’s still only war. (more…)

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Piling Out of the Clown Car

Well, well, well. The Harlequins got some new rules. And they’re absurdly good. (more…)

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My dearest Eldar,

I’ve found a new love. You’ve been oh so good to me these past two years. The rules have been OP, the models have been gorgeous, and you’ve never done me wrong, only the dice gods have. Regardless of my deep love for you and your pointy ears, I regret to inform you that there […]

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The Clowns Get Some Backup: Eldar Soup Featuring Harlequins!

Here is a list I’ve worked up during my time indoors. It brings together some of the greatest Craftworld units and adds a Harlequin Twist! (more…)

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Your 40k Horoscope: Spring is in the Air

Pollen and a bunch of other nasty things are floating around. Take heart with some heartfelt and humorous advice and criticism according to your 40k faction! Image from Warhammer40k Fandom Howling Griffons: If the #1 thing you heard about your appearance is, “I really love your use of color!” you’re probably a Howling Griffin. Sure, […]

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The Clowns Are In Town

Hey, you cool cats and kittens, this week I’m talking about some slick lil’ clown people! (more…)

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Supreme Command Eldar

21st Century Digital Boy: Eldar Style

With the state of the world as it is, there isn’t a lot of opportunity to play real live 40k, obviously. So we are left with virtual options. (more…)

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