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Warhammer 40k 9th Edition Harlequin Madness

There’s are some nice “new” harlequin concepts making the rounds at some tournaments, and I think It’s worth talking about because in some cases the clowns are doing very well!  (more…)

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Your 40k Horoscope: Letters to the Editor

This week we want to answer some fan letters from big names in the 40k universe. All of the people below wrote in and asked for their very own horoscope.  (more…)

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I like 9th Edition Eldar Again

I was pretty down on Eldar at the beginning of the edition, but I’ve found a list I like that is working for me. (more…)

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9th Ed Batrep: Aeldari vs. Death Guard

The elves vs the stinky zombie guys! (more…)

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9th Edition Takeaways

I spent last weekend jamming in 7 games of ninth edition. (more…)

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My Hopes For My Armies In Ninth (and Eldar Burnout)

I’ve got a big Eldar collection, and I’m beginning a Custodes collection. Here are my hopes for these armies in the new edition. (more…)

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My Person Bandwagon (1)

A 9th Ed Custodes Convert

I’ve been a borderline puritanical Eldar player for the entirety of 8th edition. During quarantine I’ve toyed around with picking up a new army. (more…)

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Your 40k Horoscope: A Whole New World!

Hello, Starchildren! Your 40k Horoscope is back and ready to predict the future! We’re also here to talk about your feelings. (more…)

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MSU Footdar in 9th Ed

Unit coherency is a very, very big deal in 9th. So much of eighth edition, Eldar revolved around buffing up large squads of Shining Spears, Guardians, Harlequin Troupes, or, if you were a real hipster, Wraithblades.  (more…)

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Eldar Combat Tactics in 9th Ed.

Well, well, well! 9th ed is starting to take shape, and as an Eldar player who loves combat, I’ve got some thoughts on these new rules! (more…)

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