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Necrons in Nephilim

A wise man once told me, “scoring easy Secondaries seems good”. That seems to be what Games Workshop was going for when they were re-writing the Necron Secondary Objectives in Warzone: Nephilim. Some faction Secondaries got strong, some got weaker, and some got everything they could have ever hoped for. The Necrons got points drops, […]

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Tyranid Nephilim Points Changes

If you would have told me a few months ago, when the Harlequins, Craftworld, Custodes, and Tau Codexes came out, that there was a global Games Workshop conspiracy to tank the game of 40k in order to ensure their newest edition of Horus Heresy became their number one game I would not have immediately called […]

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Try Some Deception In Cabal

Last weeks article covered one of the most under utilized Cabal characters in MCP in Crossbones. Hopefully I convinced some people to throw Crossbones on the table, and I hope he surprises you with how survivable he can be! This week I am covering a much more popular character that is seen mainly in the […]

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Crossbones Deserves A Try

Last week we covered a Cabal character that has fallen out of favor slightly, but who still remains an obviously powerful character within MCP, and the Cabal Affiliation, in MODOK. This week we are going to take a look at a Cabal character straight out of the Core Set. This character was viewed as one […]

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The Cabal Character Who Deserved His Own Article: M.O.D.O.K.

Last week I covered some Cabal characters that should be included in all Cabal Rosters, but one extremely important Character was left off that list. In my first MCP Cabal article I mentioned that Red Skull synergizes extremely well with MODOK, but did not elaborate why. When MCP was first released MODOK was a terror […]

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Cabal Characters That Should Be in Your Roster

In last week’s article we covered a very basic overview of the Cabal Affiliation in Marvel Crisis Protocol. Even though this Affiliation was one of the original two to come right out of the Core Set it has held up against all of the newer released Affiliations in MCP. (more…)

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Getting Started With Cabal in MCP

Last week’s article covered all the awesome reasons the Marvel Crisis Protocol Core Set is one of the best ways to get into an amazing tabletop game. For under 100 bucks the Core Set delivers 10 MCP characters, terrain, dice and all the other things needed to play endless hours of this exciting Marvel game. […]

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Marvel Crisis Protocol Core Set Overview

For the last couple of weeks I sung the praises of Star Wars Legion. I’ve been getting into the game lately, and I love how accessible the game is to new players. (more…)

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The Easy Way to Start Star Wars Legion

If you checked out my last article ( you know that I am starting to get into a fantastic game called Star Wars Legion. This week I have had the privilege of introducing this game to another person in my gaming group, and it showed me just how accessible this game is to new players. […]

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Star Wars Legion: My Side Game

The new Signals From The Frontline episode that was released last night cover some game systems that don’t have anything to do with the grimdark universe of 40k, and it got me excited about a game I have recently started playing on the side. Usually I am trying to make GSC work on the tournament […]

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