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Admech Aren’t Broken….See!?

The Adeptus Mechanicus Codex has many strong units and synergies that make this army look like it will be one of the strongest in competitive 40k. From Ironstriders getting the Core keyword to the absolute steal the new Marshal at 45 points is, Admech are in a really good place after receiving their new book. […]

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Nothing to See Here, Nerf the Succubus not Us

The Marshal is the newest addition to the forces of the Adeptus Mechanicus, and he is the total package when it comes to value on the tabletop. Coming it at just 45 points the Marshal is the cheapest Admech character (and probably the best character in the Codex), is able to take some of the […]

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The Other (Better) Admech Characters

Last weeks article covered a standard unit in a phenomenal Codex. The Dominus is a solid buffing character who just feels slightly underpowered and over costed compared to some other characters in the meta currently. A 75 point Succubus, Drazar (even after his 10 points price increase from Chapter Approved), or even some other characters […]

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Should you Dominus or No?

With the release of the new Adeptus Mechanicus Codex many players are going to be taking a fresh look at all the units in the new book. That may mean these models need dusting off the shelves, or it may mean some of the staple Admech units from before will be taking their place. With […]

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Forget Mars, Lucius is the Way

After seeing the reviews of the new Adeptus Mechanicus Codex many players rate Mars as the best Forge World. The benefits of belonging to the red planet’s priesthood are absolutely powerful, and while Wrath of Mars received a cap on it’s mortal wound output, it is still extremely valuable for 1CP on units of 10 […]

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A Return to 40k Tournaments

Way back in March of 2020 I signed up for a Major that was going on in my local area. I had attended a few RTTs and a couple of GTs over the last few years, but this was to be my first Major (I bet you can all see where this is going). I […]

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Pauper Princes 5-3 at the Dallas Open?!

I was very excited to see a fellow Genestealer Cults player perform extremely well at the Dallas Open last weekend, but I was equally as confused when I opened the player’s army list to see how they won five out of their eight games. The first thing I saw was a Battalion Detachment of Pauper […]

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So You Are Playing Against a 70% Win Rate Faction: Now What?

  The latest Drukhari codex has begun it’s real space raid on the competitive meta, and these angstier elves are showing no mercy.  According to the 40k stat keepers, Codex Drukhari came away from a weekend of events with over a 70% win rate. As you may have heard from various 40k talk shows, this […]

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How Not to Get Bamboozled During a Game of 40k

I regret to inform you that I have already bamboozled you. (more…)

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You Wanna Talk About Practice?!

While usually my articles bring you solid(ish) advice on playing Genestealer Cults in 40k this week we will look at a more general topic that all players can benefit from even if they aren’t playing a faction with a 40% win rate! 40k is a hobby with many different layers it’s players can enjoy. From […]

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