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Picking Your Third Secondary as Necrons

I am sure all of us have been in the same situation. You walk up to the table, look at your opponent’s army list, and decide on two Secondaries relatively quickly. Then you spend extra time contrasting and comparing a few unappealing choices for your third Secondary. I know I was in this situation during […]

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Getting Away From the Custom

There is no getting around that Necrons are in the worst spot they have been in since their Codex released at the beginning of 9th Edition. With the release of Codex Necrons and Space Marines each faction looked like they were on a level with each other. Sure, Space Marines had some more layers than […]

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MCP: A Game You Should Be Playing

While Warhammer 40k has been my main miniatures game of choice sometimes it is nice to have a different game to fall back on if I am looking to take a short break from 40k. Maybe my poor GSC have been tabled for the 10th time, my brain will not allow me to 40k any […]

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Powers of the C’tan

After an inspiring 2-1 run with my double C’tan Necrons over the weekend at a small RTT (yes, I hear your cheers, I am a hero to the common folk) I really wanted to take an in-depth look at the powers of the C’tan. These powers are basically mortal wound bombs that can’t be denied, […]

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john madden

Warhammer 40k is NOT a Competitive Game

Warhammer 40k is an extremely engaging hobby that includes multiple aspects of other hobbies rolled into a single appealing package. There are the miniatures of amazing quality for those of us who love to build and convert models, the painting side of the hobby for the artists among us, the social side of the hobby […]

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Who Is Behind These 40k Tournament Scandals?!

After a stellar 1-2 performance at a small RTT this past weekend with my Necrons, I thought it was time to take a break from the Necron articles for one week to bring my amazing readers a closer look into the top echelon of competitive 40k players. Now, as I am sure some of you […]

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A Look At Lokusts

When the new Lokust Heavy Destroyer models were previewed around the beginning of 9th Edition I was extremely excited. All of the new Necron models looked amazing, but the Lokust was my favorite. Unfortunately, these new models were extremely underwhelming out of the gate. Out of the two available weapon options neither impressed me. What […]

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Warriors or Immortals?

Necrons taking a top 4 spot at the Lone Star Open was a shock for some of us out there in the competitive community (especially some of us Necron players). Congratulations to an event well played by that Necrons player! It took more then a solid army list to go so far at such a […]

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Interesting Lone Star Open Necron Lists

With the Lone Star Open coming up this weekend loyal Necron fans the world over have logged into their Best Coast Pairings app to see the latest meta shaking, ground breaking, major winning lists the heros of their faction have dreamt up for the sorry state competitive 40k is currently in. I have attempted to […]

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Necrons Need to Change

Well, it turns out my Necrons and I were not the hero anyone wanted, needed, or deserved. Finishing last weeks GT at a disappointing 2-3 was not where I wanted to end up, but I learned a ton about the new Admech meta competitive 40k will be living in for the foreseeable future. Honestly, I […]

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