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Necrons Review: Special Rules and Warlord Traits

Necrons! Tough little buggers to get rid of, and in this first installment in the new codex review series we’ll talk about the hows and whys of their special rules that make them so hard to get rid of as well as the miscellany of other things that don’t fit elsewhere in the codex. As […]

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List Review: Ravenwing Across the Pond

Today on List Review we’ve got a little something from the far side of the Atlantic- a Ravenwing list from a poster in Poland with a very different set of rules and restrictions to work with. For those of you in different metas, eyes open, ’cause we’re working with quite the change in assumptions here. […]

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List Review: Raptors Skyhammer

This week in List Review we’ve got another Raptors army- which I can hardly disapprove of, as Raptors are awesome- looking for assistance. Check the Tactics Corner for more great reviews! (more…)

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List Review: Mechanized Dark Eldar

So, this time on List Review we’ve got a Dark Eldar army up for assistance. DE are in a bit of a bad place right now and can certainly use whatever help they can get from their Craftworld brethren, but the trick is avoiding turning it into an Eldar list that happens to have some […]

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List Review: WS Battle Company

This month we’re taking a look at our first competitive-oriented List Review session, a Battle Company army leveraging Kosarro Khan with a bunch of transports to create a mobile and hard-hitting force. Read on for details and as always, check the Tactics Corner for more articles! (more…)

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List Review: Attack of the Fluffy Fists

This week in List Review we’ve got a Crimson Fists army (based around Pedro Kantor, natch) looking for some serious help. The author wants it to be fluffy more than powerful, but we’ve got some pretty big hurdles to leap over before we can even qualify for that much. (more…)

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List Review: Sky Line Tau

List Review is a new semi-weekly feature I’ll be working on in which I take a list someone from the internet has sent me, examine it and pick it apart, then suggest changes (within the strictures provided by the list’s original author, of course.) This week I’ll be looking at a Tau army with a […]

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First Look: 7th ed Space Marines Codex

Abuse Puppy Brings us his first thoughts on the Space Marine Codex! Be sure to check out the Tactics Corner for more great reviews! (more…)

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Mistake Mondays: Eldar Edition

There’s lots of little things about the game that are easy to get wrong- perhaps you’ll find one or two off this list to help yourself out. (more…)

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Vengeance! Taking Advantage of Weapon Batteries

A look at a very underutilized part of the Stronghold Assault book. (more…)

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