2016 ITC Event Results

ITC Events


Event Name
FourHorsemen Comics 1850 Warhammer 40k ITC-Tournament
G.o.t.W. presents: 4 your Emperah
Huzzah Hobbies Road to the NOVA Open 2016
‘Ard Boys
-MYCL Tourn XX
000 ITC Tournament”
1500 Game On 40k Tournament
1500 ITC
1500 Point Space Coast Cage Match: Silent Night, Deadly Night
17th Annual Rogue Trader
1850 ITC rtt
1850 ITC Southern Missouri Event
1850 Point Itc Tournament
1850pt Independence Day
2016 Buckeye Battles 40K GT
3City Heresy 2016
40k ATC Primer Tournament
40k Casual Event #5
40k Grand Prix: Insxurrection
40K June Showdown
40K Rogue Trader Tournament
9/25/2016 40k Singles Tournament
ACG 11/5
Acropolis Games June 40k Tournamnet
Adepticon Primer Tounament for 40k Championships
Ak Bb
Alamo GT – 2016
Albany Exterminatus
Annihilation 4
April Blakfyre ITC
April GWNG Brawler
April ITC 40k Tournament at Tower Games
Ard Boys Tournament
Arena 2k16
Arvard Ardboyz June 2016 Singles
ATC 2016
August 40k
Aussie Battler
Aussie Battler 2
B-Team Brawl
Back To School Brawl
Backyard Brawl
Bar fight VII
Barrie Bash
Battle At The Black Gate
Battle for Mobile Bay
Battle For Salvation GT
Battle for St. Nick ITC
Battle for the Plains 2
Battle For The Tower!
Battle for the Wooden Spoon 5/14/16
Battle For The Wooden Spoon 6/18/16
Battle For The Wooden Spoon 8/20/16
Battle For Yermahm!
Battle Of Bay
Battlefield Barrie:Path To Glory 2
Battleground Gaming RTT
Battlegrounds 1250 Event
Baxters Renegades Itc Rtt
BeakyCon 6
Big Island 40K ITC Rouge Trader Tournament
BITB 3.5 – Size Doesn’t Matter
BITB 4 – A New Hope
Blackfyre November ITC
Blood for the Blood… err… I Mean ‘Making the Imperium Great Again’
Blood On The Red River A 40k Tournement
Boise Team Championship
Brandon Bash RT
Brawl At The Black Gate 2
Broadside Bash 40k
Brute Firepower
Bugeater GT
Butcher’s Prep
Bydgoszcz 1500
CAGBash 2016
Canadians Training To Take Over The LVO
CanHammer TT
Capital City Bloodbath 2016
Champions of Darkness GT
Clash at the Aerie
Classic Summer Bash
Coc – 1a
CoC Invitational
Coliseum Of Comics
Coliseum of Comics ITC 1500
Coliseum of Comics ITC Event
Coluseum Of Comics ITC 1859
Comic Quest 1500 Pt Warhammer 40k ITC Tournament
Comic Quest 1500 Pts 40k ITC Tournament
Comic Quest 1500 Pts ITC Tournament
Comic Quest 1500 Pts ITC Tournament~
Comics And Collectibles 1850 Itc
Community Comp Team Challenge
Conflict Norwich
Conflict Norwich ITC Event UK
Contest Of Champions
Contest Of Champions May 2016
Contest Of Champions November 2016
Contest Of Champions September 2016
Culexus Joe’s Intergalactic Tag Team Smackdown
Dakka Kon
Debel Roulette
December Great White North Gaming Brawler
December To Dismember
Dice Crusher
Dismember in December
DMB Brawl 2016
Dragon Fall Primer
Dragon’s Lair
Dragon’s Lair Bossier City
Dragon-Fall 40K Champs
DTC Bugeater Primer
Eastcon 2016
EasterBunny Bash ITC RTT
Eastern Combine
Eclipse Books and comics ITC warhammer 40K Tournament
Edmonton Warhammer League Open
End Of Year Bash
End Zone SCGG 40k Qualifier
EWU Gamers Club 40k Tournament
Exterminatus Brisbane 2, The Warrior lodge
Fanatix 1500 RTT
Fanatix December 1850 RTT
Fantasy Books and Games ITC Highlander Style Tournament
FastaWar 2016
Fathers Day Bash
Faultline 40k – First Contact
February RTT
Fight For Freedom
Final ITC Event 2016
Fireball Crusade 40k
Flying Monkey 13: GT Practice
Flying Monkey GT
Flying Monkey: Community Comp
Flying Monkeys LVO Prep
FM 16: Iron Halo Prep
For the Children Charity Event
Forge World Columbia August RTT
FourHorsemen ITC 1850 WV Childrens Hospital Charity Tourney
Fresno Hobbytown April Tournament
Fresno Hobbytown March Tournament
Fright Fight
Frozen Plains RTT
FWC League Season 3 Month 3
G&G 2016 ITC Season Finally
Game Castle in Londonderry October
Game Empire LVO Prep
Game Haven November ITC
Game Matrix: Rise of the Forge Worlds
Game Vault – Feb
Game Vault’s Warhammer 40k Nova RTT
Gameology ITC October
Gameology ITC September
Gamer’s Haven Warhammer 40K Tournament January
Gamers Paradise Fall RTT
Gamers Paradise Feb 16
Gamers Paradise Summer RTT
Gamers ParadiseWinter RTT
Games Workshop RT
GarageHammer Extreme Edition
GarageHammer Extreme Edition II
Garrett’s Garage Invitational
Gitz & Gutz Invitational
Glass City Grand Tournament
Glass City GT Primer
Golden Sprue Cup
Great Escape Games And Meta Mafia Presents “oldhammer” 1500 Points
Great Gravy Hangover
Great White Ape
Greenhead GT 2016
Guardian Cup 9
Guardian Cup 9.5
Gunjah August RTT
Gunpowder Treason And Plot
GWNG Brawler
GWNG july Brawler
GWNG June Brawler
GWNG March Brawler
Hammer Of Wrath GT 2016
Harbinger Of Woe 1850 ITC
Harvester Of Souls 5
Hellfire’s December Event
Highlander RTT Redding
Hilo Assault Vehicle ITC
Hobbytown Bringing hobby back
Hogtown Throwdown
Holiday Charity Tourney
Holiday Tournament
Honneur Aux Morts
HTU May,Rounds
Hubcon Warhammer 40k Tournament
Hubcon’s Headhunters 40k ITC
Huzzah Hobbies August RTT
Huzzah Hobbies Hammer In The New Year 2017
Huzzah Hobbies July 2016 RTT
Huzzah Hobbies June RTT
Huzzah Hobbies March RTT
Huzzah Hobbies November RTT
Huzzah Hobbies October RTT
Huzzah Hobbies’ Hammer in the New Year 2016
Huzzah Hobbies’ May RTT
Huzzah Hobbies’ September 2016 RTT
IFL 40k RTT – Dec 2016
Imperial Outpost June ITC
Imperial Outpost Renegade GT
imprisoned outpost BAO prep
IO Highlander RT
Iron Fist League Warhammer 40k Tournament
Iron Halo GT
ITC 1500
ITC 1500
Itc 1500
ITC 1500pt Oldhammer Tournament
ITC 26 Nov
ITC 40k Main Event @Gencon
ITC Accidently Cool Games May
ITC April 30th
ITC Delawarr 2016
ITC Endagars MFF
ITC Event Fairview Heights IL
ITC Gear up
ITC Holiday Tournament
Itc Oct
ITC QC Warzone
Itc Warhammer 40,000: 1850
ITC Warhammer 40000: 1650
Jak’s Monthly ITC Event
Jak’s Monthly ITC Tourney
Jolt Games April 40K ITC Event
July Coc
July ITC Showdown
July Madness ITC
Khornehusker RTT
Know No Mercy Rtt
Krucjata #66
Krucjata #69
Krucjata 68
L’imperium Retourne A L’ecole
Lanaudiere 40k
Lanaudiere 40k Tournament
Lantasy 40K GT 2016
Last Chance Open
LaX: Battle for Red Planet IV
League of Extraordinary Gamers of Memphis Team Tournament
Legacy Tournement
Legions Hobbies and Games 1850 40k ITC
Legions Warhammer 40k Tournament – December
Legions Warhammer 40k Tournament – October
Legions Warhammer 40k Tournament – September
Logan’s Garage Invitational
Londonderry NH April Singles
Lords Of War 2
Lords Of War 3
Lords Of War 4
Lords Of War 5
Lords Of War 6
Lords Of War 7
Lords Of War 8
M.Y.C.L. Tournament XXII
M.Y.C.L. Tournament XXIII
Mad Hatter 40K ITC Scorched Earth Prep
Mad Hatter ITC Summer Rumble
Mad Hatters
Mad Hatters March 40k itc rumble
Making America Great Again
March Madness
March Madness GT
March Madness Team Event
Max Aggression Gaming ITC
May 28th ITC Event in Fairview Heights IL
May ITC Singles
McCool Can’t Show 1850 pt ITC tournament.
McCool’s ITC Tournament and Drank
Mechanized Assault
Meeplemart 40k Tournament
Meeplemart ITC Tournament
Menza Masquerade
Meta-Games Unlimited 1850 ITC Tournament
Michigan GT 40K Championships
Midwest Conquest GT
Millenium Games ITC
Mitigating Your Cover League
MJ’s 1850 Hype Train Tourney
MOB Games 1st ITC!
Mugu Games April ITC
MUGU March ITC “Curse of Fenris!”
Mulligan’s 40k Highlander Tournament
Mulligan’s 40k RTT
Mulligan’s June 40k Tournament
Mulligan’s Warhammer 40
MYCL Tournament XXI
NarbyCon 2016 Aftermath 40k GT 2000pts
ND February RTT
No Mercy 2016
No Retreat III
North West Open
NOVA Invitational 2016
NOVA Invite Losers RTT
NOVA Open 2016
NOVA Prep Tourney
Nowa Nadzieja II
Nowa Nadzieja III
Nowa Nadzieja IV
Obliteration ’16
October 8th
October GWNG Brawler
Oldhammer 2
Oldhammer 3 – 1500 Points
Oldhammer Grand Finale
Oldschoolowe Leśne Manewry
Omaha Smash and Bash RTT #1
On The Precipice Of Something Grand
Operation Linebreaker
Operation Nautilus
Ordo Open
Otto’s 40k Start Collecting Short Force
Otto’s April 40k Open, Short Force
Otto’s April ITC Event
Otto’s August ITC Event
Otto’s BAO 2016 Prep
Otto’s February ITC Event
Otto’s January 2017 40k Event
Otto’s June ITC Event
Otto’s March ITC Event
Otto’s May 40k Main Event
Otto’s November 40k ITC
Otto’s September 40k ITC Event
Ottos December 2016 40k
Overwatch Open
Overwatch open 2
P9 December 2016 40K
P9 Jan RTT
Pasadena Game Empire October ITC RTT
Pasadena May Tournament
PasadenaGE April Tournament
Patriot:Games WH40k Tournament – August
Patrol 3 in Library
Patrol 4 in Library
Patrol w Stacii
Phantasy Hobbies March ITC Tournament
Pheonix Games Renegade Open Primer
Plains Of War GT
Playground Brawl
Playnetix Kugelflug
Poland Team Championship 2016
Powerfists & Psykers 3
Powerfists & Psykers 4
Powerfists & Psykers 5
Powerfists & Psykers 6
Pre Arena wh40k 2016
Pre Warzone Atlanta RTT 40k Event
pre-Heresy 2016
Prep for Battle of Mobile Bay
PRX 06
Puget Sound Slaughter
Puget Sound Slaughter Pocket GT
Pulp Fiction Oldhammer Tournament
Purge The Hangover
Quebec City Open
Ragnarok 2
Rail Against The Darkness
Rampager #4
Rampager #5
Rampager 7
Rampager League
Rampager League # 6
Ranpager League
Rattler Cup GT
Razor Valley Charity Tournament Series: Dark Vengeance
Razor Valley Primaris
Red River Rampage
Red Rock Exterminatus
Redding Clash of Titans 2016
Redding ITC 3
Redding League Event 1
Renaissance Man
Renegade Open
Renegades RTT Primer
Renegades RTT Primer Nov GW ITC
Road to Nova Open
Road To The BAO
Road To The LVO 1
Road To The LVO 2
Road To The LVO 3: This Time It’s Personal
Rockport 40k Invitational
Rogue Trainer
Roll To Wound Gaming
SA Masters
Salt City Gladiator Games 2016
San Antonio Shootout 40k Tournament
Santahammer 40k ITC RTT
Sapce Goblin patrol +
SCGC ITC May Night Fight
SCGC July ITC Event
SCGC Monthly 40K ITC Tournament
SCGC Monthly 40k ITC Tournament
SCGG 40k Qualifier
Scorched Earth Open
Scorched Earth Renegades October RTT
Scorched Earth Renegades RTT
Scores River Valley Open
Scott MacMillian
Season’s Beatings
Semper Ubi Sub Ubi
September 2016 – The Hunger Wars
September Game Haven RTT
September ITC
September Warhammer 40k ITC
Septic September
Sex Panther’s 40K ITC July Event
Sex Panther’s 40K ITC June Event
Sex Panther’s 40K ITC November Event
Sex Panther’s 40k ITC October Event
Sex Panther’s 40K ITC September Event
Sex Panther’s ITC August Event
Shamrock Showdown
Siegeworld 2016 ITC Tournament
Silver Tower Tounamnet Series
Silverwolf Slugfest
Singles 1850 Tournament
Slaughter House
Slaughter-yard Invitational RTT
Slobberknockrt GT
Smash and Bash RTT #2
SN Battle Reports: No Retreat II
SoCal Games And Comics April ITC 40k Tournament
Soithern Misdouri ITC
Solos for Cash
Space Coast Cage Match: A Tale of Two Buzzgobs
Space Jam 40k
Storm of Silence 4
Summer Jam
Summer Slam
Szturm na Bolterus Hive
Tabletop Gaming 1850 June
Tabletop Gaming Center ITC 5/14/16
Tabletop Gaming Center ITC March
Tabletop GT primer
Tabletop ITC AlamoGT Primer
Tabletopgaming ITC 2v2
Tasmanian State Titles
Tate’s Bringing Back The Hobby
TBS Comics Escalation Tournament
TBS Tanksgiving
Team Tournament @ Dragon’s lair
Terra Nova ITC
Terracon 2016
Terror on the Tundra I
The Battle For Santa’s Summer Home
The Catalina War Mixer
The Children of the Khorne
The Chill
The Fight Before Christmas
The Gladiator’s Pit
The Greater Good Awakens
The Hunt
The Last Siege of IO
The Madness of March
The Menza Open
The Portal 11/5/16
The Portal August
The Portal July
The Portal March
The Portal May7 GT
The Silver Tower Tournament Series
The Silver Tower Tournament Series
The Slaughterhouse
The Tournament 2: Escape From LA
Throne Of War 2016
Thunder In Paradise 2016
Tier 1 Monthly RTT
Titan 1850 RTT
Top Grot
Tournament of the Crimson Sage
Tournament OP Points
Tower Games Midwest Conquest Prep
Toys For Tots Charity Tournament
Treasure Vallet Clash
TSHFT Championship
Turkey Bash
Turniej Karnawalowy
turniej międzyplanetarny vol.2
Turniej parowy
Valentine’s Day RTT
Walrus Invitational
Wargames Con
Wargames Con Primer
Warhammer 40k ITC
Warhammer 40k ITC 1500 20161112
Warhammer 40k ITC 1850
Warhammer 40k ITC Event
Warhammer 40k Kill Team ITC
Warhammer 40k Paint and Play
Warhammer 40k State Championship
Warhammer 40k Torun
Warhammer 40k Tournament
Warhammer 40K Tournament
Warhammer ITC 1500 082016
Warhammer40k @ Fox Comics and Games
Warzone Atlanta 2016
Warzone Prep Tourney
Warzone: Slagelse ITC
Washington State Championship
Westeroes Open ITC
Westeroes Summer ITC
Westeros Winter ITC
Wet Coast 2016
Whirlwind II
Who’s Game House Halloween Bash
Wolf Brothers Battle Born Gaming Phase 2
Woodens Spoon RTT April
Woodens Spoon RTT Feb
Woodens Spoon RTT March
X-mas Smackdown
XXI 3City League
XXth 3City League
Zamiana armii
Zamiana armii