Warhammer Fantasy Empire Army for Sale. (Sold)

Empire Army for Sale

Check out this Empire Army for sale.

Another shot of the army.

10x Knights of the order

Karl Franz on Griffon

27x Long Gunners

17x Spearman

8x Crossbowman

33x Swordsmen

3x Cannon

15x Archers

12x Halbrediers

2xHochland Long Rifles

27x Flagellents (old school)

18x Greatswords (9 metal)


16x Spearman

20x Free Company

50x State Troops

Master Engineer

Sigmar on Horse

Warrior Priest on Horse

Master Engineer on Clockwork Horse

10x Pistoaliers

Steam Tank

Organ Gun

Deck of Magic Cards

Asking Price: $450


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    michael June 21, 2012 2:27 am #

    if this has not been sold
    contact me; michael-rules1994@hotmail.com

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