Signals 719

Signals from the Frontline #719: Win a $1,000 Shopping Spree in our Web-cart!

Reecius maximus and Frankius Minimus discuss some of the absolutely baller new AOS models that have been revealed as well as the coming end to a bizarre ITC season and oh yeah, a chance to win a $1,000 shopping spree with us! (more…)

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Internal Games Workshop Naming Document

We just got ahold of GW’s own guidelines for naming units, details within! Very real and not fake!! (more…)

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Game Changers Profile

40k Game Changers Ep2: Tabletop Titans

All three of the amazing Tabletop Titans team, Brian Pullen, Adrian Phillips and Bridger Hahn tell us how they started, why it’s so important to celebrate ‘amazing’, and how to roll hot. (more…)

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tabletop titans

Craftworld Eldar vs Tau – 2000pt Warhammer 40k Battle Report

Our friends over at Tabletop Titans are back with another 9th ed Warhammer 40k video bat rep featuring Eldar and T’au! (more…)

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New AoS Models Revealed and Wow, those Lumineth…

I am a massive fan of these new cavalry, such fantastic and creative models! (more…)

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Mathhammer and the January 2021 update

Adam Lane, the Art of Wars math expert and a certified magician, joins us to talk about some of the winners of yesterday’s massive FAQ! (more…)

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Chapter Tactics #190: Breaking Down What The Good, Bad, and Ugly is About the New FAQ

Today the guys go over the FAQ and how they think it is going to affect the 40k meta. (more…)

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AoW Mascot

AOW Ep. 74.1 Dominating Marines post FAQ with Sisters and Guard

The Art of War crews brings us a podcast about getting the most out of your Astra Militarum and Sisters of Battle! (more…)

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Tau comissson_1

Fall Back and Shoot Without the Controversy

In my article last week, I discussed how the changes to the Mont’ka rule will affect the T’au. As we all know, the T’au Empire is one of the worst performing factions at the moment, and anything that improves the faction is a step in the right direction. (more…)

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AoW Mascot

Adapting to the FAQ: How it will affect your army

John Lennon, one of our talented coaches at the Art of War, joins us to talk about how to process the new FAQ, and what it means for the future.  (more…)

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