Necrons in Nephilim

A wise man once told me, “scoring easy Secondaries seems good”. That seems to be what Games Workshop was going for when they were re-writing the Necron Secondary Objectives in Warzone: Nephilim. Some faction Secondaries got strong, some got weaker, and some got everything they could have ever hoped for. The Necrons got points drops, […]

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Narrative Review – Nighthaunt

Today’s article will be focusing on the very spookiest of bois…the Nighthaunt! For an army with such incredible models (albeit a bit fragile) let’s see if their Path to Glory rules stack up well compared to other armies! Army Special Rules:Right off the bat the Nighthaunt get a couple of really powerful rules. The first […]

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9E Tau Codex Review: Troops- Kroot Carnivores

Today we look at the core Kroot unit, Carnivores. Click to read on, or check out the Tactics Corner for more reviews and strategies. (more…)

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Proficient Planning- Key Upgrades for the Genestealer Cults

Hi everyone, Michael here with a review of the key upgrades for your Genestealer Cults units, through the proficient planning section. For more reviews and analyses, check out the Tactics Corner. (more…)

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Affiliation Lists: Boltons and Karstarks – ASOIAF Miniatures Game

Affiliation is an amazing game mechanic in ASOIAF. It encourages a certain list building where specific units get to shine rather than sitting on the side lines. However, recently it feels like this mechanic has almost vanished, even though there are still new Commanders being released with the Affiliation trait. This is the third in […]

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Sylvaneth and Slaanesh Come Out Swinging This Weekend

We’ve got a week of tournaments coming in for Age of Sigmar in a new article series of trying to get more coverage surrounding Age of Sigmar. The Ironweld Open Wizard’s Jumping June Event You can get your Age of Sigmar fix on miniatures through the FLG online store at our discounted prices here. We’ve got […]

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Emperor’s Children Makes It To 2nd Place

We’ve got another weekend of Tournaments under our belt with a bunch of GT’s and today we’re looking at Vanquish, Conviction of Power and People’s Palace Under Siege. You can check out more of the lists on Best Coast Pairings here: Bristol Vanguard Presents Vanquish Conviction of Power People’s Palace Under Siege You can get […]

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GSC at Bristol Team Tournament- Game 3- Harlequins

Hi everyone, Michael here with the third game of my recent Team Tournament adventure. This game would see the GSC take on the current meta threat of the Harlequins. For more reviews and analyses, check out the Tactics Corner. (more…)

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Narrative Gaming Offers Some Cures to the GW Blues

Hi All, like every other chaos player I was eagerly awaiting every little rumor coming from the upcoming codex release. As a Night Lords player I wasn’t fooling myself into believing that playing a post-heresy, so no daemons, daemon engines, or marked units would be good. The rumors indicated that GW is still trying to […]

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Talking Warhammer Nostalgia with the 40K Grognard | The Chief Librarian

Welcome to another episode of The Chief Librarian! This is a lore and narrative gaming-focused podcast around miniature gaming, painting, reading, and all the fun things a hobby should be.  (more…)

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