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Chaos Daemons

A lovely looking level 2 Chaos Daemon commission painted in the traditional ...


A level 2 Eldar commission painted to match a commission from another ...

Tuesday Night Fight! Chaos vs. Imperials 7:00pm PST, Tonight!

  Tuesday Night Fight! Join us at 7:oopm PST for the game! Click here to go to our Twitch, channel.

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Cheap Flights to Vegas on Southwest through Thursday for the LVO 2016

Hey everyone, check out these deals with Southwest! They’ve got some great deals going for flights to Vegas during the LVO 2016. Click here to see if they’ve got a flight coming form your area!

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Kian’s Army Log – ‘Drown the enemy in blood’ Khornate Renegades and Daemonkin

Hey there! I’m Kian Alden (the Intern) and I’m here to talk to you about my newest, and most ambitious army: The Blood Pact! In this article I’ll be going over my history as a gamer, and how I came to decide on a Blood Pact army, as well as some list building and tactics.

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Daily Awesome Conversion

This amazing paint job is put together and painted by Andrey Demidov. I think he nails the head especially!! (yes that was joke!) but seriously this is great work, and the madness and desperation in his eyes and face really make the mini come alive!

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Signals from the Frontline: Warhammer 40k and General Gaming News, Rumors, Tactics and Comedy!

Show Notes 8-3-15

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Frankie’s Battle Company, Update! Play Testing and More Models Finished!

Hello everyone Frankie here for the weekly update on the new army.  

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Daily Awesome Conversion

This is truly one of the best pieces I have ever seen, the level of detail that has gone into this is amazing!! Converted and painted by Volomir, obviously a very passionate about his work, on his blog (which you can find here ) he has taken over 300 photos with step by step explanations. […]

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Daily Awesome Conversion

  This amazing conversion and paintjob  called the “Helbrute Plaguebone” by the French Painter and converter lé Kouzes from Blog De Kouzes . This is some incredible work! the level of detail is really good! I have always really loved hellbrutes (the look) but was really disappointed with them on the field! I am hoping […]

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40kBrawl! UK GT Practice Match Video Batrep- Eldar Vs Iron Hands

Hey everybody.  Today Matt and Adam fight it out and once again push the limits of tabletop brawling. Introducing what I confess to be my most feared thing on the tabletop, the Edar Revenant Titan.  Will it Stomp and D’ its way to glory? I’d expect so! Lists are in the video and the game […]

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ITC 2015 Quarterly Update Poll

Take the Poll, Here!

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