Recently Completed Commissions

Bolt Action

A fantastic looking level 2 Bolt Action commission.

Warhammer Fantasy

A small level 1 Warhammer Fantasy commission.

All Ya’ll Space Marines Say ‘Heeeeeey!’

Hello all, Rawdogger here to talk what we should expect to see with the upcoming Space Marine codex release. Boy, how time flies.  It only seems like a couple years ago that we got a new Space Marines codex and were all mortified with how Centurions looked dumb and grav weapons would ruin the game.  […]

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We are Restocked with F.A.T. Mats in North American and Europe!

The wait is over, we are restocked with F.A.T. Mats! Jump in and and get yours as they sell quickly. North American web-cart here, European web-cart here, and Australian web-cart, here!

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MMW Episode 16: Tactics and Hugs

The trio chat about tactics in the dark alleys of Malifaux.​

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Join us for our first ever Hobby Hour, live on Twitch!

We’ll be live on our Twitch Channel here in just a few minutes! We’re going to run through our first Hobby Hour show so please feel free to join us! We’re running a little late as we just had a shipment of F.A.T. Mats come in and we had a light crew to unload the […]

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Orks Winning Tournaments….Say Waaagh?

Warboss Chuck Chuck brings us some tales of Ork victories in tournaments! Check out the Tactics Corner for more great tactics articles.

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Warhammer 40k Full Length Video Bat Rep #6 Skitarii VS. Chaos Space Marines

In this episode we showcase the Skitarii against a Chaos Space Marine army. Be sure to check out the Tactics Corner for more great video bat reps!

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Live 40k Game Tonight, 7:00pm PST! Orks vs. Blood Angels and Sisters!

We’ve got a great battle for you tonight, everyone on our Twitch channel, tonight at 7:00pm PST! Reecius is busting out his Sons of AnOrky vs. Marko’s Blood Angels and Sisters List! Both lists are available in the post!

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Mistake Mondays: Eldar Edition

There’s lots of little things about the game that are easy to get wrong- perhaps you’ll find one or two off this list to help yourself out.

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Signals from the Frontline: Warhammer 40k and General Gaming News, Rumors, Tactics, and Comedy!

Show Notes 5-22-15 Watch the videocast in the post!

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Memorial Day Holiday

The Frontline Gaming store in Martinez, CA will be closed this Sunday in observance of Memorial Day.   All voice mails as well as emails to our orders and painting email addresses will be acknowledged and answered beginning Tuesday May 26th.   Enjoy the holiday weekend, but most importantly please take some time to remember all […]

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