Recently Completed Commissions

Tabletop Thunderwolves

A great looking and affordable level 1 Thunderwolf Cavalry commission.

Vulcan and Mortarion

A great example of our Master Class paint level.  Simply stunning work!

Warhammer 40k Short Form Video Bat Rep #270 Skitarii vs Daemons

We’ve got Skitarii for you! An 1850pt showdown be tween Reecius’ Skitarii and James’ Daemon army. Who will win? The servants of the Omnissiah or the agents of Chaos? As always, check out the Tactics Corner for more great video bat reps1

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ITC Policy

  Hey everyone, Reecius here to talk shop a little about what goes into the decision making process with the ITC, why we use polls, and a little of the philosophy behind everything!

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Live Stream Tonight, Eldar vs. Dark Eldar! 1850pts

  Be sure to tune into our Twitch Channel at 7pm PST to catch the game, live! You can watch the replay of the game, here.

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2015 ITC Mid Season Update Poll

We weren’t planning on making adjustments to the ITC format this quickly, but, Eldar forced the play. However, it is a good thing because it allows us to come back to some issues that were handled less than perfectly in the last poll. A big thanks to everyone that contributed their opinions, insights, and assistance […]

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Vengeance! Taking Advantage of Weapon Batteries

A look at a very underutilized part of the Stronghold Assault book.

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(Live show starts at 1:45pm PST) Signals from the Frontline: Warhammer 40k and General Gaming News, Rumors, Tactics and Comedy!

Show Notes 5-1-15 Intro Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube!  Join our Forums, too! If you would like to be a guest on the show, email Reece at We sell tabletop games and supplies at 20% off! Hit us up for your next gaming order at or visit our webstore at […]

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The Broadside Bash 2015 (List Added)

Hello everyone Frankie here to talk about this years Broadside Bash.

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Daily Awesome Conversion

  This Amazing Tyrannocyte, comes apart and has a dormant Carnifex inside, ready to be unleased! This is an incrediable conversion by Chucking Monkeys and New Zealand based Tyranid collector. What a great idea and these models are built and painted stunningly!

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Daily Awesome Conversion

The third in the series of converted (or Corrupted) Imperial Knights by Andy Kessler, and this time Slaanesh is getting some loving. Another great effort!

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Imperial Knight Pre-Order Special is a GO!

  We have a new Pre-Order Special! The Imperial Knights are back! Get your orders in today, and save 25% off of retail! Those new Imperial Knight models look pretty amazing!

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