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Supreme Command Eldar

21st Century Digital Boy: Eldar Style

With the state of the world as it is, there isn’t a lot of opportunity to play real live 40k, obviously. So we are left with virtual options. (more…)

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Ynnari Rune

In Defense of Ynnari: Part 2 – Putting it together

Welcome back to a look at Ynnari. The previous article discussing what they bring to the table as far as rules generated some rather passionate comments. I believe Ynnari has a lot of potential, and there are a few things they can, in their current state, bring to an allied Aeldari force. Let’s take a […]

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10 Ways To Skin An Intercessor: Eldar Style

So, the marines have been nerfed a bit; but they will not disappear from the meta. You’re still going to need a plan to kill marines, so you’ve got to build your army lists accordingly. Today, we’re going to take a look at 10 ways the Eldar Superfaction can kill Space Marines. It’s still not […]

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Completed Commission: Wraithlord

Here’s another model from a Ynnari army we recently painted, this time the mighty Wraithlord! (more…)

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Eldar Review: Formations: Wraith Host

Howdy fellow gamers, Mr.MoreTanks with an article on a ghostly formation, the Wraith Host.  Packing what is widely considered the best unit in the game, along with several other nasty ones, this formation is no joke.  Wrapped up in a nice special rules, this formation brings you the means to field a nearly all Wraith […]

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Wraithlords Custom Posed and Primed

These Wraithlords were re-positioned to have a kneeling look, holding their Bright Lances like rifles. We did this by cutting, drilling out and pinning the models, sealing any gaps with Greenstuff. We also built custom sniper-style scopes for the Bright Lances to emphasize the rifle aspects of the weapons. We also built custom bases to go with […]

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