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Eldar Review: Formations: Guardian Battlehost

The other half of the fabled Footdar, and the one that cool people play with- the Guardian Battlehost. Click to read on, or check out the Tactics Corner for more reviews and strategies. (more…)

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Eldar Review: Formations: Winderider Host

Foul Xenos, start your engines!  Mr.MoreTanks here to talk about the sleek and stylish Windrider Host.  While these Windrider jetbikers may not be any Sons of Anarchy (man, that show started strong and just crashed and burned hard!), this formation really brings out the wild side to these space elves.  Bad to the Wraithbone as […]

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Eldar Review: Formations: Seer Council

What do you get when a bunch of psychic Xenos get together let by a couple of exceedingly big brained ones?  An Eldar Seer Council of course.  Infamous for their ability to totally control the Psychic Phase, the Seer Council is a formation that is able to take advantage of the mechanics of the Psychic […]

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