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striking scorpion

Eldar Review: Elites: Striking Scorpions

Welcome back to another lovely Goatboy Eldar Review.  Today I want to chatter on about the other red headed stepchild of the Eldar Assault unit options, the Striking Scorpions.  The changes to the shooting of the game as well as the other assault units becoming so much more effective leaves this unit staying in the […]

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Eldar Review: Fast Attack: Shining Spears

What’s good fellow gamers?  Mr.MoreTanks to talk about those other Jetbikes in the Eldar Codex, no not the Jetseer Council, those aren’t even actual Jetbikes, I mean the legendary Shining Spears.  When the Eldar’s highly controversial “Dull Swords” Aspect Temple folded up, the Shining Spears swept in to skewer the enemy’s of Khaine!  Be sure […]

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Eldar Review: Elites: Howling Banshees

Welcome back readers to another installment of Frontline Gaming’s review of the Eldar Codex.  Today I’ll be reviewing the Eldar’s screaming ninja warriors: the Howling Banshees.  For more reviews and tactics articles make sure to check  Frontline Gaming’s Tactics Corner. (more…)

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Eldar Review: Fast Attack: Vyper Squadron

Vyper Squadrons, the wannabe Attack Bike of the Eldar.  These quick little skimmers may not have much in terms of durability, but they can actually pack a decent punch for a reasonable price.  Glass-cannons in the every sense of the word, Vypers can be a useful and affordable means of adding mobile low AP firepower […]

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Level 3 Paint Job with Level 3 Basing and Freehand Insignia

Eldar Review: Lord of War: Wraithknight

Clover362 here to give you the review of the Eldar big boy, the Wraithknight.  Eldar players love him, Eldar opponents fear him, and everyone in 40k seems to have an opinion on him! (more…)

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Eldar Review: HQ: Baharroth

Goatboy here again and this day we start on the a new journey of reviewing with the Eldar Codex.  I grabbed me a few random set of units and formations and the first one I want to chatter on about is one the Living Legends himself – Baharroth.  He is the Swooping Hawks Phoenix Lord […]

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Eldar Review: HQs: Maugan Ra

Blue Oyster Cult was full of it, you should fear the reaper!  Howdy fellow gamers, Mr.MoreTanks back with an article on the most cryptic Phoenix Lord with shoulder pads that would make an Astartes jealous.  Maugan Ra, the Harvester of Souls, with his trusty Maugetar are ready to scythe down the enemies of Khaine.  Be sure to […]

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Eldar Review: Troops: Rangers

When Eldar Rangers are being interviewed and are asked what they feel when they shoot a Mon-keigh, they simply responded: “recoil.”  These cold, heartless killers can stalk like a Striking Scorpion and sting like a… a… a bee or wasp or something.  Take a look at the Tactics Corner for more bad jokes and great strategies […]

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Return of the Footdar!

They’re mighty, oh yes, so mighty… (more…)

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