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Thousand Sons Tactica: Magnus and the Rehati War Sect 8th Edition Post-FAQ

Hey, everyone. Chandler here from Come the Apocalypse Podcast to give you a rundown on the revamped Thousand Sons post-FAQ. Check that Tactics Corner for more great articles! (more…)

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Tzeentch Flying Circus in Newhammer

Hi, everyone. Chandler here with some input on what is sure to become one of the hottest lists of Newhammer; Tzeentch Flying Circus.  In 7th edition I wrote about the Rehati War Sect build, and fortunately, with Newhammer, you can replicate this army only now, it’s even better than before.  So, get those demon princes […]

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The Many Faces of a Warpflame Host

Daemons: Daemonic Incursion: Warpflame Host Hey everybody, Deejay is here again to talk about the some of the mono-Tzeentch builds that you can run using the new daemonic incursion rules. Check the Tactics Corner for more great articles! (more…)

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Video Battle Report

Video Bat Rep: Tzeentch Daemon Double Header vs. Tau and vs. Space Wolves

In this double header, Jys busts out his Tzeentch Daemons against Capt’n Dees’ new Tau and Frankie’s Thunder Dome Space Wolves!   (more…)

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