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The Celestial Orrery: Necron Dynasty Overview – Nephrekh

Hello everyone, Phaeron CytoSlide here with another Celestial Orrery article for your viewing and reading pleasure! Check the Tactics Corner for more great articles and tactics. (more…)

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40K: Double FOC

Hello everyone !! Black Blow Fly here again to discuss the new double FOC (Force Organization Chart) that has been introduced in 40k6. (more…)

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The Manly Art of Fisticuffs in the 41st Millennium

Reecius here delivering some tips and tricks on surviving grim-dark melee. So put up yer dukes, and get ready for some two-fisted action, ya pansies! (more…)

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Tactics: Eldar in 5th Edition: Footdar! Part 2

This is an article I wrote for Bell of Lost Souls nearly two year ago. It set off a firestorm of net hate and the term, “Footdar” was coined as a result. The army has since been vindicated to a certain degree as several skilled players have won events with it (Greg SParks, Blackmoor, etc.) […]

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