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the scream

Guest Tactica: The Screamerstar

A guest tactica by Anonymou5 (more…)

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Guest Article on Dark Eldar by Skari

Skari liked my Dark Eldar article yesterday and offered some content he’d written on the subject which I am passing along to you all as it makes a nice follow up to yesterday’s post! Check out his blog and podcast for more of this type of content. (more…)

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My Bjorn Wolves: The Taima Legion!

40K Tactica: TAC Marines Changes and Moving up to 1750pts

TAC Marines have proven to not only be fun to play, but quite popular as well! Here are my plans to expand up to 1750pts using some Forge World units. (more…)

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Guest Tactica by BBF: Flyers

Its time to take a closer look at some of our favorite flyers. (more…)

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Tips and Tricks for Surviving 6th!

Here is some good info for 6th! (more…)

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40K Tactics: USR’s That Now Confer to the Unit

There are some game changers in here. This is a list of USRs that confer on to a unit that has at least one model with the ability. (more…)

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40K Tactics: Tyranids in 6th ed

A guest tactica by BBF from Terminus Est. (more…)

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40K Necron Tactica: Of Gimmicks, Robots and Land Slides

A guest article by Edwin on running a gimmick Necron list. (more…)

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40K Tactics: Lillith on my Mind

Vidar delivers a tactica on Lillith. (more…)

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