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Redundancy in 40k

Hello, and welcome to another tactical tidbit by Skari. This article is about how to build redundancies into your Warhammer 40k army list. I will explore what I mean by redundancy and the different ways to integrate this into your list. (more…)

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Dissecting the LVO Format

Hello friends, Nick Nanavati here to show you exactly how to break down a tournament format and put yourself in the best position to win before the tournament even starts. (more…)

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Faction Focus Genestealer Cult

Hey guys, Erik here with a detailed breakdown on Genestealer Cults! In this article I will walk you all through; their strengths and weaknesses, their place in the meta, and some plans for moving forward with this incredible faction in the future.  Lets start off with talking about some of the many strengths you have […]

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Blood Bowl: Shambling Undead Review

Hello folks, This is Dolch again, your correspondent on all things Blood Bowl from Games Workshop. This time, we are looking at one of the most recent releases, the Champions of Death. I have been waiting three years for an Undead team… and wow! It was totally worth the wait! (more…)

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Pile In

Warhammer Tactics: Pile In Like A Pro

Our friends at Nights at the Game table have another article for us! (more…)

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Knight valiant photo

Warhammer Tactics: Operation Knightfall

This article is brought to you by Nights At The Game Table. Click here to see all of our battle reports, articles, and more! Welcome to Warhammer Tactics! Today, we’re going to break down all of your options when facing off against an Imperial Knight. (more…)

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Blood Angels Review – Captains and Commanders

Hello, fellow wargamers! Today we are going to go over the Captains and Commanders of the IXth Legion. By now, I’m sure that the warm and friendly affections of the Death Company Captain have left an impression in your mind, but this review is about more than just him. Check the Tactics Corner for more […]

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