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GW Grognard: There is more to Slaanesh than just phallic* jokes

Hey everyone! Adam, from TFG Radio, back once again to give you the protection you need from the nefarious forces of chaos. (more…)

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chaos army 005

For Sale! Beautiful Chaos Army

This is a seriously gorgeous Chaos army brought in by one of our artists to sell. She said it is her 4th Chaos army and it just sits on the shelf, so might as well turn it into cash and see someone get some use out of it! This would be a level 3 paint […]

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Noise Mainres and Tzeentch Sorcerer

These models came out really well! These are a cool example of a level 2 paint job with level 2 basing and freehand symbols on the models. I really like the pastel colors on the Noise Marines, they create a very unique look that is quite striking on the table top.

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Custom Slaneesh Terminator

This model is quite cool, it is a Slaneesh style terminator that the client made himself using a 3D design program and a 3D printer! We painted it to a level 3 standard using very high pigment metallic powders and paints to give it a very unique, alien look.

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slaneesh charriots 001

40K/Fantasy Modeling: New Slaneesh Chariots.

Will got his hands on some new chariots and has been itching to get them on the table top. Check them out, the models are pretty awesome! (more…)

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