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Full Length Battle Report #57 War Convocation vs. KDK & Renegades!

Reecius busts out his Khorne Devotees against War Convocation!  

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Full Length Battle Report #57 War Convocation vs. KDK & Renegades!

Guest John brings his War Convocation to face Reecius’ KDK+Renegades army! Check the Tactics Corner for more great video bat reps! (more…)

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KDK & Renegades: Khorne’s PB&J

Hey everyone, Reecius here from Frontline Gaming to talk about a fun and effective chaotic combo that doesn’t include a Deathstar! (more…)

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Image by Nachoman

Tuesday Night Fight: War Convocation vs. KDK & Renegades!

We’ve got a good fight lined up this evening! Reecius’ KDK+Renegades vs. guest John’s War Convocation! Tune in at 5:30pm PST to our Twitch Channel to join in for the fun. (more…)

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Keep calm and make a list

Frankie’s List Analysis

Hello everyone Frankie here to go over a few lists that have been sent in. In these articles I will do an in depth analysis of the lists and any changes that I would make. Lets dive in. (more…)

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Ultramarines 1920x1080

Full Length Battle Report #29 Ultramarines vs Khornate Renegades and Daemonkin

In this battle the Intern takes on Pablo the destroyer of worlds. Make sure to find out who wins this brutal battle! Check out the Tactics Corner for more great video bat reps.

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Kian’s Army Log – ‘Drown the enemy in blood’ Khornate Renegades and Daemonkin

Hey there! I’m Kian Alden (the Intern) and I’m here to talk to you about my newest, and most ambitious army: The Blood Pact! In this article I’ll be going over my history as a gamer, and how I came to decide on a Blood Pact army, as well as some list building and tactics. […]

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Chaos Renegades: Lord of War Analysis

We’ve made it, the last section of the unit analysis of the Chaos Renegade armies! Adam again from TheDiceAbide.com, wrapping up my Chaos Renegade unit analysis with the biggest post yet, Lords of War! Renegades have heaps of Lords of War to choose from, ranging from lumbering tanks and massive titans, all the way to the Exalted […]

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Chaos Renegades: Fast Attack Analysis

Hey everyone it’s Adam from TheDiceAbide.com. A short article today, just going over the Fast Attack choices of the Chaos Renegade armies. Fast Attack isn’t something that the Renegades are particularly known for, but due to the discount they get on vehicles, their Hellhounds and Sentinels are incredible deals, and when given nothing but Template […]

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