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1-3-14 pics 002

Ravenwing and Deathwing

These are gorgeous level 3 paint job and level 3 basing Ravenwing and Deathwing! They feature blending, layering and extensive detail work. Please excuse the poor pictures, the lighting was off and I lost some detail on the shots, unfortunately.

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Guest Editorial on Ravenwing at TSHFT Part 2 by Jeremy Veysseire

TSHFT Open (www.tshftopen.com) is over; I had a great time, and played 5 amazing individual with very different lists. (more…)

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Video Battle Report

Tyranids vs Ravenwing 1750 BAO Match

Reecius knocks the dust off his bugs and gets a game in after some time away from playing due to the store being so busy. He faces Captn Dees who is considering running his Biker army as Ravenwing! (more…)

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Guest Editorial on the Ravenwing at TSHFT Part 1 by Jeremy Veysseire

This article will cover a specific list that I will be taking to a regional tournament in the Seattle Metropolitan Area, TSHFT OPEN (http://www.tshftopen.com/), ran by a long time TO and awesome persona, Zen from Bloghammer.net. (more…)

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Guest Editorial by Captn Dees: Ravenwing Options

As I mentioned on my last post I’ve been looking over the Ravenwing option for my Marine biker army. (more…)

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Signals from the Frontline

Signals from the Frontline: The Hobbit, Dark Angels, Orks and Eldar.

Frankie going solo at it again discusses the hobbit game and movie along with some more awesome Dark Angel rumors. He also talks about some new ork and eldar models that will be released with the codex’s.

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