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This Week’s GW Pre-order: Psychic Awakening, Blood of the Phoenix

This week’s GW pre-order is the first part of Psychic Awakening: Blood of the Phoenix. (more…)

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Signals from the Frontline #657: Psychic Awakening on the Way!

Join us for the live show on our Twitch channel by following this link! The show starts at 11am, PST. The podcast and YouTube video-cast air at 9am, PST every Friday. (more…)

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New Rules: Jain Zar vs Drazhar!

Yesterday, we showed you all about the exciting new build-your-own rules for the Craftworld Attributes and Drukhari Obsessions in Phoenix Rising. Today, we’re bringing out the big guns by looking at the updated profiles, wargear and abilities of Phoenix Lord Jain Zar and Drazhar, the dread master of the Incubi. Both of these mighty warriors feature in […]

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