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Chapter Tactics #23: Guilliman’s Island in Spaaaace

Come check out PeteyPab’s newest episode where he goes over everything in the new Gathering Storm: Rise of the Primarch book. He also shares his army list ideas for getting the most out of your shiny new blue Primarch model, and his two friends.  (more…)

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Triumvirate of the Primarch Tactical Review: Roboute Guilliman

PeteyPab has a 3-part series on each of the members of the Triumvirate of the Primarch. Today he is reviewing “Big Bobby G” himself. Roboute Guilliman. Where does he fit into the 40k meta?  (more…)

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Daily Awesome Conversion

Behold Logar, Primarch of the XVII legion. This awesome paint job has been created by Bohun, I love the detail in this, and the dark presents that Logar has. Its a great Mini!

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Daily Awesome Conversion

Behold Vulkan Lord of the Salamanders! Another great paint job by Andrey Demidov in his current series of 30k Primarchs. I really love the lighting effect on the hammer, it look stunning! Mixed with the light form the flamer, this made this pure quality work! Two thumbs up for sure!

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The Emperor

Awesome Primarch Portraits by Aerion-the-Faithful

These are some really, really cool portraits of the Primarchs by artist Aerion-the-Faithful whose profile you can find here. (more…)

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40K & FW New Releases and Pics Galore!

Tons of awesome new pics coming in hot and fast for both the Chaos book and HH! (more…)

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Horus Heresy, Hooooooo!!!! Teaser Video (Updated)

YES! The rumor has been confirmed, FW is in fact doing the Horus Heresy!!!%*_T%!*$%(!)#%* %RJFJ!(^_$!!! One word, FW, make this happen: Primarchs!!!!!! (more…)

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